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Introducing the Beyla Headboard, a captivating piece of furniture that effortlessly blends the organic charm of ash wood with the vertical allure of slatting. With its dimensions of 170 x 70 cm, this headboard is designed to make a statement in your bedroom, showcasing the natural essence of wood and creating a delightful interplay of light and texture.

Crafted from solid ash wood, sourced from FSC certified timber, the Beyla Headboard is not only visually stunning but also embodies a commitment to sustainability and responsible sourcing. The rich, warm tones of the ash wood bring a touch of natural beauty to your bedroom decor, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

To ensure stability and secure installation, the Beyla Headboard comes equipped with metal fittings that allow it to be securely attached to the wall. This feature not only adds functionality but also provides peace of mind, ensuring that your headboard remains firmly in place.

The vertical slatting design of the Beyla Headboard adds a contemporary touch to its timeless appeal. The carefully spaced slats allow light to filter through, creating a subtle play of shadows and highlighting the unique texture of the wood. This design element adds depth and visual interest, making the headboard a focal point in your bedroom.

The Beyla Headboard combines the beauty of natural materials, exquisite craftsmanship, and practicality. Immerse yourself in the elegant simplicity of ash wood and vertical slatting, transforming your bed into a sanctuary of style and comfort. Experience the charm of the Beyla Headboard and elevate your bedroom decor to new heights of sophistication.

* Actual colours and design may vary slightly due to different screen settings, the lighting on the photoshoot and other factors.

Specs Specs
Width 175cm
Depth 3cm
Height 70cm
Colour Natural
Material Oak Veneer
Assembly required Yes
Information Information