Door Stops + Mats

Door Mats to Keep Your Home Clean, Safe, and Stylish.

At Relaxhouse, we offer a variety of door mats to help keep your floors clean and add a touch of style to your entrance. One of our most popular materials for door mats is coir, which is made from the fibres of coconut husks. Our coir mats effectively scrape off dirt and debris from shoes, while also adding a natural and rustic look to your entrance. Coir mats are durable and can withstand high foot traffic, making them an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor use. Our coir mats are available in different sizes and designs, ranging from simple and classic to colourful and whimsical. So, whether you're looking for a functional mat to keep your floors clean or a decorative one to make a statement, our collection of coir mats has got you covered. Shop our selection today and find the perfect coir mat to suit your style and needs.