Safe Shopping


Safe and Secure Online Shopping: 

How secure is my transaction?

The Relaxhouse Online Store supplies you with a secure session within our shopping 'checkout'. You will notice a padlock icon on the base of your browser when you enter through to the 'checkout'. This indicates that all information entered in the session is secure. Shopping Online is just as secure (if not more secure) than at any other time you use your credit card.

We give our customers the highest level of assurance for Web security as possible. Entrust Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates take advantage of the added visual cues in the newest browsers, such as turning the address bar green in Microsoft® Internet Explorer® (7.0 or newer), Mozilla Firefox (3 and newer), Opera and Google Chrome.

The Extended Validation process requires verification of your organization's identity, the validity of your request and the overall legitimacy of your business. This thorough validation process, standardized by the CA/Browser Forum, gives your customers the highest assurance possible.


 How safe are my credit card details?

When you click the 'Place Order' button, our online system automatically encrypts all your details using the latest secure socket layer (SSL) encryption standard so that it cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet.
Relaxhouse does not save your credit card details.  We do not share or in any way allow information to leave our company. We have made this the highest of priorities for your protection.


 Testimonials and Track Record

You will feel most comfortable shopping at stores that have been recommended by others. Relaxhouse receives numerous feedback emails daily expressing satisfaction for not only the shopping experience, but our commitment to follow up on all orders to assure total satisfaction.


Order Tracking and Status

You expect to be well-informed of your order and the timing of its delivery. Relaxhouse realises that the number one concern for online shopping today is the WISMO (Where is my order!) We take this seriously. Relax House has systems in place to provide our customers with up to the minute details on the progress of their order, 7 days a week, until your shipment has been received.