Modern Ottomans

Ottomans can be the perfect addition to almost any home. With their simple functionality, they can make a space more welcoming; with their low profile, they can be a neat way to add an accent; and with their small size, they can easily be moved, rearranged, or tucked away to make a room feel fresh when you’re looking for a change. Our range of Urban ottomans can help spice up your home instantly. 

No piece of furniture says “relaxing” quite as much as an ottoman does. By providing a place for guests to put their feet up, ottomans make a room look more inviting and feel more comfortable. Our offerings all have padded tops, ensuring you can rest at home in comfort.  Many of our pieces come with bold stripes and bright colors. A bright blue ottoman, lime ottoman, or purple ottoman can add a touch of Art Deco style to any room, creating a small pop of color that acts as an exciting accent. The low profile of a round ottoman creates an excellent opportunity to play with height, drawing the eye to unexpected places and making a room feel more interesting. 

In addition, they are lightweight and easy to arrange, making it easy to adjust your furniture whenever the mood strikes. You can:

- Swap them around to change the feel of an area
- Make a room more formal or casual
- Explore new design possibilities