Pierre Paulin (Paris 1927-2009)

"A chair should be more than simply functional. It should be friendly, fun and colorful." Pierre Paulinboth encouraged and reflected the 1960s Pop revolution. His iconic creations mirrored the social atmosphere of the time but held onto their fresh and modern design into the next millennium. Paulin had an artistic vision that is still unrivaled in its tendency toward innovation and optimism for 'things to come.'Paulin’s artistic vision never fell out of favor as modern design continued to evolve, lending some of his work a nearly limitless relevancy. Paulin started his artistic career sculpting in stone but quickly moved to furniture design later narrowing his focus even more to seating. For Paulin, the body was a three-dimensional form, existing in every state from attention to complete relaxation and good seating should reflect this. For him, proper design of seating required nothing less than an intimate and almost poetic understanding of the human body. Only when you understood the human form in this way, could you really design a chair.Paulin's work broke new ground, Paulin happily delved into the technological advances to push his art and vision for theperfect chair even further. Many of Paulin's pieces are instantly recognizable classics today. His brightly colored, curvaceous designs from the 1950s and '60s still look modern and fresh. His experimentations with wooden shells, pressed under high-frequency still inform our ideas of moulded furniture. Paulin’sanimated foam-upholstered shapes, tubular frames, canvas cotton and more were beautifully thrown together to create what he envisioned, beautiful things for regular people.