Modern Rugs

A room simply is not fully dressed without a modern rug to add the finishing touch. The choices for contemporary rugs are endless from a flat-weave to rope weave to add a layer of texture to the room. Selecting a modern design rug can really finish off your room whether you need to add warmth to the bedroom or create a designer feel in your living room. A beautiful rug will not only lift your space but also your spirits and with a focus on quality without compromise our rugs will be there to be enjoyed and treasured for years to come.

Lisbon Floor Rug Seasalt

$1100 WAS $1299

Emerson Rug Feather

$1695 WAS $1999

Emerson Rug Seaslt

$1695 WAS $1999

Jimara Feather Wool Rug

$1060 WAS $1250

Jimara Pigment Wool Rug

$1060 WAS $1250

Mitre Basalt Wool Rug

$1230 WAS $1450

Matterhorn Tar 2m x 3m image
Matterhorn Tar Wool Rug

$890 WAS $1050