Wholesale direct prices

Buy Direct & Save

Australian statistics say that almost half of every dollar you spend on home furnishings does not go toward the furniture and accessories you buy in a retail store. Instead, it goes into the retailer’s pocket. Why pay a nearly 50% mark-up if you don’t have to?

Wholesale Prices

Relaxhouse customers buy direct from the importer at below w/sale prices. Customers can purchase direct, drawing product directly from the huge warehousing capabilities and bulk buying purchasing power we offer to our customers. We warehouse hundreds of product lines form numerous manufacturers across the world.

Purchasing Power

Relaxhouse purchasing power provides you with deeper discounts than any retail store or wholesale club can offer. You can buy furniture, cabinets, bookshelves, buffets, dining chairs, dining tables, coffee tables and more... direct from the warehouse floor.

Pricing philosophy

The truth is you no longer have to make retailers rich and pay their huge rent bills, overheads and staff pay packets. Simply stop buying retail and start buying the Relax House way - Direct!