Packaging of Products

When you unpack your boxed products you may notice some excess plastic bags in with your product.
Obviously the plastic is designed to keep the product safe during its travels and for most orders we do not require any additional packaging inside but for some products that we assemble here we need to put in the extra protection. 
We do our best to recycle so we don't use any new bags or plastic in with our packing. The bags you received in with your product are on their 3rd use. 
Other materials we receive and repacked in the plastic for storage and then the plastic is either used for wrapping for individual products to be sent, reused as filling (as has been in your case) or are collected from out location here for recycling by a fellow in Melbourne who picks up in bulk. 
I hope that puts you somewhat at ease regarding our environmental footprint. 
With regards to recycling the product that has arrived with you we would recommend a drop off or pick up to local red cycle or someone of similar ilk. 
Please let us know if we can be of further assistance or help with any other questions at any time.