How Do Side Tables Complement Your Home’s Interiors?

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Tables are important element of every home. However, when it comes to side tables, many homeowners simply don\'t think about the value that these tables can add to a room. Side tables are often used in the living room. However, understanding how these side tables can complement your home\'s interiors can make a significant difference to the interior design of your home. Here are a benefits of using side tables in your home.

Height Variations

Using side table sets with varying heights can help to create a bit of variety in your space. The Urban Step Side Table (Set of 3) from Relax House offers multiple heights which will allow to have the right side tables for the various chairs and other elements of your space. With side tables that vary in height, you can also add table lamps that sit at a higher or lower position that the other furniture elements in the room.


Many modern side tables are designed to both functional and stylish. With designs, such as the Copenhagen Solid Oak Side Table w Draw, you can get the great look of an accent table with the additional benefit of a compact drawer to stash away other small items that might clutter your space. The end result of a solid oak bedside tables with storage is that you can reduce clutter without sacrificing style.

Additional Seating

A side table can also serve as an additional option for seating. The Urban Ceramic Stool - Grey, Urban Round Ottoman - Purple, Urban Watermelon Wire Side Table/Stool - Small - Aqua and other options we have available can double as additional seating for your guests as needed. When not in use they can simply be used as decorative furniture items or they can be used as side tables as well. This dual functionality can help you to save space while adding a stylish element to your room.

Eye Catching Designs

Having a side table in your space doesn\'t mean that it has to be pushed into a corner and ignored. In fact, many modern side tables come in as many stylish designs as other modern furniture. In fact, with the colorful options that are available, your side table can actually serve as a focal point for the space, drawing the attention of your guests.

Table Lamp Placement

Side tables are often used for the placement of table lamps. If you plan to incorporate a side table into your home for this purpose, make sure that you select a side table that has a flat surface and is sturdy enough to hold the lamp. Not all side tables are designed to hold table lamps and you will need one that features a regular flat surface design in order to support the lamp.

How Many Side Tables Should I Purchase?

While modern side tables have many benefits, it can be difficult to determine exactly how many you need. The number of side tables that you should purchase depends on how large your space is and whether or not they can be used to complement the other furniture elements in the room. The trick to selecting the right side tables for your space is to select ones that offer both supreme functionality and contemporary design.

Shop Side Tables at Relax House

Relax House offers a full selection of modern furniture so that you can select the right options for your home. Review our selection of side tables online or call Relax House at 1300­307­164. Our experienced team of furniture specialists can help you to select the right side tables for your needs at reasonable prices.

December 22, 2015