Tips to decorate a Small Living Space

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If your living space is exceptionally small, it can be harder to find furniture and home décor items for your home. Every piece must be carefully selected since your options are limited. However, if you follow these tips, we'll show you have to save space and decorate a small living area using furniture.

Eliminate the Clutter

Before you can even start with redesigning the look of your room, you need to get rid of the clutter. The clutter might also include decorative items that you leave out for sentimental reasons. If they will look out of place in your newly designed room or you simply feel that there is too much clutter around, consider purchasing special storage boxes for these items so that you can put some of them away.

Designer bookshelves will help you de-clutter and stylize your space elegantly.

Use Colours Carefully

In a small space, you will have to select the colours that you use in your space carefully. You shouldn't make everything all one colour and you also want to avoid using too many colours. A room that is all white may make your room feel like a padded cell. However, toning down extreme colour schemes with neutral colours can add a more relaxed, tranquil feeling to your space. Use patterns sparingly, as well.

Opt for a Sofa Instead of a Sectional

A sofa is also generally recommended over a sectional for a small space because a sectional will have to be placed along the wall of the room, which mean that modules of the sectional may make navigating the room difficult. In addition, a sectional is likely to make the room seem confining if too much of the floor space is occupied by the sectional.

In a small space, a sofa or series of chairs often works best to complete your space because they don’t take up much room. In fact, you may also opt for stackable chairs that can be removed from the room if you need more space. 


Furniture With Storage Options

Licia Tall Sideboard

Your design update for your room should be all about organisation and dual functions for the furniture pieces that you add. Opt for storage items, such as the Odense Black Steel Leg Solid Oak Display Cabinet or the Copenhagen Solid Oak Console with Shelf to maximise your space.

You can also use furniture with storage in the bedroom by opting for a bed that has a frame that includes drawers or accent tables that have drawers. Some of the options that are available from Relax House include the Copenhagen Solid Oak Side and the Copenhagen Solid Oak Wide Chest of Drawers, which could be used as a dresser as well.

Attractive furniture in your home will catch the attention of your guests right away. For most small spaces, multiple furniture options can be used to provide you with the functionality needed, without sacrificing style. Don't be afraid to explore furniture options for your home by reviewing home décor resources online. 

Add Mirrors

Decorative mirrors help to create a bigger space illusion

Decorative Mirrors are excellent for creating the illusion that a space is larger than it actually is. You can use a mirror that includes a frame for a statement piece. You may also opt to create a design with a few mirrors for something more interesting.

Check Out Our Small Space Furniture

If you are looking for the best ways to incorporate small space furniture in your home, Relaxhouse can help. Review our living area furniture today or contact our furniture experts at 1300­307­164 for advice and additional home décor ideas for your home.

February 11, 2016