Selecting the Right Bar Stools

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Bar Stools

Selecting the right bar stools for home or business is not as easy as it might seem. In addition to making sure that the bar stools fit in with the décor of the space, the stools must also be comfortable and the appropriate height for the function that they will serve in the room. There are also additional things to consider, such as seat cushions and whether the stools will have swivel motion. Here are some tips to help you select the right bar stools for your space.

Bar stools from Relax House are available in many different designs. Here is a brief overview of the bar stools that are available and their differing styles.

Modern Bar Stools

Modern bar stools are typically replica stools that are based on mid-century designs. These stools are generally available in standard colours. However, these days new materials are making a fuller range of colours and upholstery options available. Modern bar stool options from Relax House include the Johannes Andersen Allegra Premium Bar Stool Replica Natural American Ash w Black Italian leather Seat 66cm and Ara Black Upholstered Seat Kitchen Stool Solid American Ash Frame.

Traditional Bar Stools

Traditional bar stools are based on European furniture designs and are typically made from dark woods and painted woods. These bar stools include the Original European Made Paris Slim Line Bentwood 68cm Timber Stool and Original European Made Vienna 18 Bentwood Stool Embossed Sunset Seat. These timber bar stools have become quite popular in Melbourne restaurants thanks to their traditional look and sturdy construction.

Breakfast Bar Stools

Bar stools are not only for commercial use and are excellent for use in the home as breakfast bar stools. Some quality options from Relax House include Ava 4 Leg Minimalist Brushed Stainless Steel Designer Bar Stool - Black and Balin Designer Modern Brushed Stainless Padded Breakfast Bar Stool - White. These stools provide extra padding with upholstered seating for additional comfort. 

Choosing the Height for a Bar Stool

The appropriate height for a bar stool depends on the counter height. For counters of roughly 76 cm in height, a bar stool height of 45 cm is recommended. For a counter height of 90 to 99 cm, roughly the height of the average kitchen countertop or kitchen island, a bar stool height of 60 to 67 cm is recommended. Finally, the tallest bar stool height at 76 cm, is recommended for counter heights of 100 to 115 cm, which is recommended for bars, billiard or games rooms.

Bar Stool Arms

When it comes to selecting the right bar stools, comfort of your guests is very important. If you prefer, you can opt to select a bar stool that has arms. However, you must take careful measurements to ensure that the bar stool is the correct height so that the arms will not strike the counter. Having a bar stool that is too tall to comfortably fit the counter means that the bar stool will have to be placed at a distance from the counter that makes it uncomfortable for guests to properly use the bar stools.

Bar Stool Cushions

Many of the bar stool options from Relax House feature cushioned seats. Cushion seats are a good option for a bar stool that will be used for home use, such as at a breakfast bar. For modern bar stools, vinyl or leather cushions are good options.

Swivel Bar Stools

Bar stools that feature a swivel base are convenient and make it easier for guests to move to and from a stool. If space is limited, swivel stools may be a good option so that guests do not have to move the stools in order to take or leave their seats.

If you are looking for traditional or retro bar stools Melbourne, Relax House has a variety of options that are sure to meet your needs. Check out our selection of bar stools online or call Relax House at 1300­307­164. Our experienced team of experts can help you to select the right bar stool for your needs at reasonable prices.

November 26, 2015