Making a Choice - Solid Wood vs Veneer Furniture

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When you are trying to decide on the best options for furniture for your home, you may have considered solid wood furniture.

Most modern furniture is made from a range of materials and veneer furniture is quite common. However, is there is a better option for furniture? Here are some reasons to select solid wood furniture versus veneer furniture for your home.

Wood Craftsmanship

Solid wood furniture is highly durable thanks to the natural wood and stable design. Every element of the furniture has been carefully to select to ensure that the furniture displays the best of the natural beauty of the wood. The careful thought that has gone into creating most solid wood furniture pieces means that the designs are not only trending for the current year. This is why solid wood furniture remains so popular although other types of furniture made from synthetic materials have come onto the market.

Although veneer furniture can mimic the appearance of wood when panels are used, the designs are typically finished by the addition of plastic and other materials. Many veneer wood products incorporate chemicals as a part of the manufacturing projects which can have an impact on your health in the case of low quality veneer furniture. However, veneer furniture does have its perks because it can sometimes offer a finish that is more uniform and easier to match if your space already includes veneer furniture as a part of the existing décor.

Furniture Durability

While veneer furniture is often cheaper than solid wood furniture, it is not designed to be repaired. Veneer furniture manufacturers use MDF, particle board, chemicals, glues and other materials to create this furniture. As a result, the furniture is lighter yet less durable. If you want to purchase furniture that can stand up to wear and tear, veneer furniture is not the best option. Since solid wood furniture lasts longer and can be repaired, it will need to be replaced less often.

Eco-friendly and Sustainable Options

While many people think less of solid wood furniture because it is not a sustainable furniture option, some steps have been taken to improve the impact of making wood furniture on the environment. Solid wood furniture from certain manufacturers can be made more sustainable in the way that the wood is harvested for production and by using a local manufacturer to design and assemble the furniture. 

Veneer furniture isn’t eco-friendly thanks to the methods of production because the particleboard and other materials are often imported. The manufacturing process also uses many chemicals.

When purchasing Dining Tables, Coffee Tables and more, we highly recommend you look for the Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC) seal to ensure that the wood comes from sustainable forests.


Pricing Differences

Solid wood furniture is known for its beauty. It can add classic design to your home while also ensuring that your furniture is designed to last. However, the costs of solid wood furniture can require a slightly higher initial investment.

If price is the main reason why you are buying furniture, veneer furniture costs less upfront and can be the short-term solution for your budget. However, if durable furniture is preferred, then solid wood is the clear option. 

Veneer furniture may be a good option if you move frequently or don't want the struggle of dealing with heavy furniture pieces that can be difficult to move. However, the best option is to decide based on all of your reasons for shopping for furniture. 

Shop for Solid Wood Furniture

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February 11, 2016