Top 3 Benefits of Extended Dining Tables

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Top 3 Benefits of Extended Dining Tables

Extended Dining Tables

When it comes to your kitchen or dining room, having the right table can make all the difference.

However, there will be times when you table needs to seat more people than normal because you have friends or family visiting. Yet, the table also needs to be very space efficient so that it only takes up as little rooms as possible.

This is why having an extendable dining table is so important for most households. To have such a table means that it can be extended to fit the number of people necessary to seat while still being highly space efficient. It’s little wonder that so many homes around the world have such a table at their disposal.

What is an Extended Dining Table?

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Essentially, this is a table that can be pulled out at each end to create more space thanks to the leafs that are included with this product. In most settings, the table will take up the minimal amount of space needed for the family. The leaf or extensions are generally stored near the table so that when family or friends visit the table can be extended outwards to meet the need.

Purchasing one of these tables generally means getting one that can comfortably seat the family without adding any extensions in order to maximize the available space. One or two leafs are usually included with each set which will then maximize the table space that is available when others are seated at the table.

Extensions to tables have been in use for many decades. The modern version of the extended dining table is really not much different in principle to the ones first used several decades ago. The basic design is simple, robust and offers many advantages in terms of its versatility. This is one reasons why having such a table is so important to most households.

The Three Benefits of Extended Dining Tables

There are actually many benefits to having an extended dining table. When you think about all the advantages, it’s little wonder that millions of people have them in their homes.

Space Saver: The most important benefit is that it maximizes the available space in your kitchen or dining room. This means that you can choose a small extendable dining table that will fit snugly and then extend it out when needed to seat more people. Having such a table means that you can size it the way you want to fit the number of guest that you have over for parties, get-togethers and many other events. By maximizing the space available, you can really make the most of the room that you have.

Types:  You can find a wealth of different types of extended tables that will fit your style. There are glass, metal and wood extension table design of all types that make for the perfect setting in your kitchen or dining room. You can choose from various colours and can either match them to your décor or change your décor to match the table.

Durable: One hallmark of the extended dining table is its durability thanks to the very strong construction and simple design that makes it one that will last for many years under normal use. This is because the extension features do not actually move on their own as the table itself simply slides apart. Friction and gravity keep the table in place and adding a new leaf is a synch. Barring a real disaster, your table will last a very long time and have few, if any issues when it comes to extending out. 

Why You Should Have an Extended Table.

There are many reasons why you should invest in an extended table for your dining room or kitchen, particularly if you have just purchased a residence and are expecting to grow your family.

Each leaf generally adds enough space for two more people, so most tables will have two Leafs and four additional people that can be seated.

The round extendable dining table is arguably the most space efficient as compared to the square or rectangular tables since the lack of corners means no wasted space. A round table is perfect for small spaces and the extensions will allow it to seat more people as needed. However, it is true that some spaces call for a square or rectangular table which means that you will need to measure the space you have and then get the right shape to make the most out of the space available.

Once you have the shape, the next step is whether you want to use wood, metal or glass as the material for your table design. The good news is that you’ll have plenty to choose from for your kitchen or dining area. The sheer number of materials available may actually make it difficult to choose one that best suits your needs.

Another advantage is that if you decide to move, you can easily take the table with you as it will fit the new space that you have at least until you decide to get another one. Plus, they hold their value quite well, especially if they are made from wood and are still in good condition. In fact, under normal use one of these tables should last for decades with little to no maintenance in terms of their extending capabilities.

About the most that needs to be added is a little oil to make it easier to pull out the sections of the table and then fit in a leaf where needed. Once accomplished, the table should work well for many years under most conditions and provide excellent service when adding or subtracting leafs. You may even find replacement leafs if needed for your particular table design.


Overall, having an extendable dining table provides you with an excellent product that will fit the space you have and extend outwards to meet the needs of seating your guest. 

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January 12, 2016