Creating an Ideal Home Office

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More people are working for home now. As a result, having a basic home office is no longer the best idea, especially if you expect to spend as many long hours in your home office as you might at your employer’s office. Even if you are working from home, it is still important to create a positive atmosphere. Here are some tips to help you create the ideal home office.


Being comfortable is important if you want to prevent injuries from working over the long term. In addition, it can be difficult to concentrate if you aren\'t comfortable. Choose a desk that is the right size for your height and a good office chair if you want to make it easier to concentrate on the important tasks that you need to complete for the day.

Chairs for your home office should be carefully selected because they need to look great and should also be comfortable. At Relax House, we offer a full range of comfortable seating options including Eames replica chairs. These chairs feature upholstered seats that are attached to wood shells for a design that is ergonomic and especially designed for comfort. The chairs feature back support with an angled seat that will allow you to work comfortably regularly of your height or body weight.


If you want to work efficiently each day, the first step is to get organised. Make sure that you have a home for all of your office supplies and paperwork by purchasing the right storage items for your home office. Use noteholders, storage bins, pen holders and other desk accessories to organise items that can clutter your desk.


Using colours and design can make working in your home office seem more exciting. It is very difficult to stay motivated all day long if simply being in your home office makes you feel bored and tired. You should opt for bold colours to add some cheer to the space. Alternatively, you can select furniture with unique upholstery and bold designs like the Urban Cylinder Basket.

In addition, everything in your office doesn’t have to be functional. Don’t hesitate to liven up your home office by adding homewares, artwork and other items that will add personalised style to your home office. By incorporating items that will add a bit of style to your home office, you can create a space that is inspirational and uniquely yours.

Final Tips

As you plan your home office, you should also make sure that carefully measure your space to ensure that there is enough room for all of the design elements that you want to incorporate. In addition, you should make the most of the furniture that you select by choosing furniture that will be both beautiful and functional. Lastly, don\'t hesitate to match your home office with the rest of the décor in your home. There is no reason to turn your home office into a cubicle simply because it is a space for work. Featuring similar décor to the rest of your home can make you feel more relaxed when you are working from home in your home office.

Our affordable home office furniture offers great options at competitive prices. If you are looking for the right furniture to create an ideal home office, give us a call on 1300 307 ­164. With our selection of high quality furniture, we can provide the comfortable and stylish furniture that is best for your needs.

March 10, 2016