Add a Touch of European Style With Bentwood Thonet Chairs


One of the most iconic representations of European furniture are bentwood chairs and stools, particularly those modeled after the Michael Thonet designs, which have been revered for their classic beauty for over a hundred years. There is a lot to love about Thonet chairs apart from their classic beauty with elegant design and innovative manufacture. Here at Relax House we offer bentwood seating in a number of styles, colors and height varieties, so you are sure to find pieces that will add that perfect touch of European flair to your home.

The Bentwood Story

Bentwood furniture including Thonet chairs involves an intricate type of woodworking called wood bending, which involves steaming wood to introduce pliability into the material and make the pieces easy to bend and shape. Wood bending has been practiced for hundreds of years, but in modern times it has often been associated with European styles. The Thonet Brothers company, founded by Michael Thonet, was particularly influential in developing the current flavour of European bentwood furniture.  

The Varieties of Bentwood Chairs and Stools

There are many types of chairs and stools that carry the instantly-recognizable European bentwood style. These include many produced by the Thonet Brothers company:

  • Vienna 18
  • Paris bentwood café stool 
  • Polish bentwood roundback stool
  • Le Corbusier B9 armchair 

Many of the above styles of bentwood stools and chairs have been popular since the 19th century, and they have become known as staples of cafes in Paris, Vienna and Berlin. By bringing a few of these pieces into your dining and kitchen area, you can infuse your home with a touch of classic European flair.

Bring a European Flair Into Your Home 

In sleek black, bright colour, or natural wood, Thonet chairs are at home in any interior. Designed by Michael Thonet, many of these bentwood styles come in multiple colours and heights, so it is easy to find one that fits both the needs of your space as well as the style you are looking for. With over three decades of experience in bringing high-quality, affordable furniture to our clients, we are confident we can help you just the right bentwood chairs and stools for you. Contact us today at 1300-307-164 for more details on Thonet Chairs, and let us help you bring a little bit of European style to your home. 

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