If you are looking for stylish furniture for your restaurant or café;, the bentwood designer chair offers a unique option. These European made chair designs come in several styles and a variety of size options. Our bentwood chairs are designed to be used daily and are built to last.

Bentwood Chairs for Your Home 

Bentwood chairs also look great in your home dining area or kitchen and can add an affordable touch of design. We offer several style options that will blend well with a wide array of interiors from casual to rustic to modern. 

The Michael Thonet chair is a European chair design pioneered by Michael Thonet who was a German cabinet maker. These unique chairs have been made for centuries and are still made with the same sturdy structures that have made the bentwood chair a classic design.


Chairs for Restaurant Use 

As the owner of a restaurant or café, your guests will notice the shape, size and comfort level of the chairs that you provide. If you want to match the mood of your restaurant to create a great first impression, the bentwood designer chair is the perfect addition to encourage your patrons to sit and enjoy dining at your place of business. 

Meeting your budget for restaurant furniture is easy with Relax House. We focus on providing reliable furniture products that offer great design at low prices. Take some time to review our bentwood designer chair options for a complete look at what we offer, or call Relax House at 1300-307-164. Our experienced team of experts can help you to select the right furniture for your needs at reasonable prices.


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