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Original European Made Bentwood Roundback Chair Embossed Sunset Seat - Michael Thonet Designed - BLACK


Seat Height 46cm
Width 39cm
Overall Height 82cm
Colour Black
Seat Material European Beech timber bentwood
Frame Material European Beech timber bentwood
Manufactured In Europe
Designer Michael Thonet


Great architect and designer Le Corbsier said of Thonet’s chairs, “Never was there an object as elegant, as well conceived, as precise in its execution, and practical in its usage.” Le Corbusier knew what he was talking about, Michael Thonet\'s bent wood furniture designs are some of the most beautiful and lasting pieces of usable furniture history. The Michael Thonet original Melnikov Roundback café restaurant chair is simple yet chic, durable but light making it a favorite of kitchens, cafes and restaurants since the mid 1800s.

The Michael Thonet designed Melnikov Roundback café restaurant chair is a true original made from solid bentwood and pictured here in its natural finish. The roundback chair is the perfect update to your modern, classic or rustic dining space. The Melnikov roundback chair has such a classic form that it fits in nearly anywhere. A favorite of restaurants and cafes for nearly 100 years, this chair can withstand heavy use and give your restaurant a chic, European vibe.



Designer Image

If you take the time to admire you will notice that each product is unique using many pieces of European Beechwood. Based on the nature of natural wood inconsistencies in grain, joins, colour, texture and shape deserve appreciation like strokes on a painting or sculpture.

It is important to note that any stress marks in the timber from the production process will not exacerbate over time. Stresses caused in the bending and joining process are what make these items so impressive. This can be more prevalent in the painted options as the paint tends to highlight these 'perfect imperfections'

Just like us no two are the same. Enjoy.

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