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Original Vienna 18 Bentwood Stool Embossed Seat - Thonet Designed - Walnut

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Seat Height 68cm or 74cm
Width 40cm
Overall Height 100cm or 109cm
Colour Walnut
Seat Material European Beech Timber Bentwood
Frame Material European Beech Timber Bentwood
Made In Europe
Designer Michael Thonet


Our Michael Thonet designed No.18 original bar stool is the perfect update to your kitchen bar and counter seating. This classic counter stool is sized to fit most home kitchen counters. The original Michael Thonet No.18 designer stool is also available in a commercial height stool(75cm) and table height dining chair.

The Michael Thonet designer original No.18 stool (1876) was made by Michael Thonet and his five sons in 1876 and has become a standout in bentwood design history. Thonet was a German cabinet maker and the first to create mass-produced bentwood furniture designs. Thonet was a pioneer of both mass production and bentwood technology. He designed the process for using steam to make large pieces of wood pliable. Thonet’s quintessential bentwood designs were created using one single piece of wood to form the stool’s back rest and back legs and a separately attached seat and the front legs. Thonet’s methods have laid the foundation for every bentwood chair and stool that came after. Thonet’s No.18 stool is considered the very model of the Viennese café stool and for this reason, it is often called the Vienna Café stool.

Thonet’s collection of bentwood stools are currently experiencing a renewed popularity. The No.18 Vienna Café stool is one of the world’s most recognisable pieces and has remained unchanged for nearly one hundred years. Our Thonet reproduction is constructed in the very same Polish factory that has been producing Thonet originals for over a century. The Thonet No.18 Vienna Café stool has likely been sat upon by renowned and remembered Viennese like Sigmund Freud, Gustav Klimt and Gustav Mahler as they formed the ideas of psychoanalysis, sketched for their paintings and jotted down the notes of their operas.

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