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Boston Solid Oak 50cm Bench Seat


Length 50cm
Width 38cm
Height 45cm
Material Solid European Oak
Designer Francesca Rellee
Manufacturer Huset


The classic bench is given a modern update with interlocking joints and solid Oak wood construction. Constructed from solid oak, each solid bench offers distinctive characteristics owing the natural beauty and variation of real, solid wood. Our custom designed Boston solid Oak bench borrows earlier forms of austere early American woodworking and precision Japanese design. With clean tailoring and a bold yet understated contemporary feel, this solid oak bench seat is a favorite among our staff designers.

Our contemporary benches are made from premium solid oak and practiced craftsmanship that elevate these simple quality materials to something quite different. In a natural finish, the solid oak wood grain is emphasized rather than covered up. The Boston Bench range works beautifully as casual indoor seating around your modern dining table. You can also use this modern furniture piece at the foot of your bed or bedside as a perfect space for candle, books and decorative sundries.

This modern solid oak Bench seat is offered in 5 size choices, here the bench is displayed in the 50cm length. Determine what you need, measure your space and select just the right bench to elevate your individual style. 

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