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Original Le Corbusier B9 Bentwood Armchair Embossed Seat - Black w Natural Socks

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Seat Size: 60cm W x 46cm H x 47cm D
Overall Size: 60cm W x 84cm H 47cm D
Colour: Black with Natural Socks
Material: Beechwood
Made In: Europe
Designed By: Le Corbusier


Our classic Le Corbusier B9 Armchair, here in black with natural “socks,” is among a favorite design of architects. Le Corbusier himself utilized this classic piece in many of his storied spaces like the Pavillon de l\'Esprit Nouveau in Paris and the famed Villa de la Roca. In the 1927 Deutsche Werkbund exhibition directed by Mies Van der Rohe and among the first gathering of architects working in the up and coming International Style, 8 of the 16 architects used Thonet designed bentwood chairs-- with the August Thonet designed B9 bentwood armchair being the most popular among them.

The August Thonet designed B9 Era armchairs chairs were years ahead of their time and the earliest beginnings of modernism. What made these bentwood dining chairs so new, so utterly modern for the time lay, in part, with the innovative production methods, which pioneered the use of heat to bend wood into curvilinear shapes and improbable forms. The subsequent chairs were lightweight, sculptural designs -- a complete departure from the bulky, ornate heavy furniture pieces that came before. Look at the B9 armchair seen here, it is light, airy, even graceful, yet it is strong and durable making it perfect for oft used kitchens and dining rooms. 

Originally designed by August Thonet, the Le Corbusier B9 armchair is a bentwood furniture classic. A favorite of Swiss architect Le Corbusier, the B9 arm chair offers the perfect meeting point of classic European workmanship & the beginnings of modernism. Here in Black with natural “socks”, our Le Corbusier B9 armchair, also referred to as the Era dining chair, offers the same noble European construction that has made Thonet furniture pieces something quite special for well over a hundred years. Made in the very same European factory that has created bent wood furniture for generations of Thonets for so long, our bentwood armchair is a must have piece that works equally well in a variety of interiors from casual to rustic to modern.

* Actual colours and design may vary slightly due to different screen settings, the lighting on the photoshoot and other factors.


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