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Glitz Teal Handloom Knotted Rug

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Colour & Material: Navy Artsilk
Weave Height: Handloom Knotted
Use: Indoor
Suitability Residential/Light Commercial projects


A luxurious handloom knotted artsilk rug with a lustrous finish. Available in contemporary colours blush pink, navy blue, olive green, teal, silver and mink.

We embrace Fair Trade practices and the premium materials from New Zealand wool, pure wool blends and artsilk to high grade leathers, upholstery fabrics and finishes.

Our team work closely with experienced crafters who have been dying yarns, and expertly weaving handmade rugs for generations. Regular visits to production houses ensure products are made ethically and with integrity. Not one rug is exactly the same and carries its own distinct handmade characteristic.

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