Modern Pendant Lighting


Refined lighting for a dull place

Hanging across pendant lights at a home or a commercial space has become the latest trend of elegant décor coupled with benefits of getting the dim light effect right into your space. You will no longer have to walk up to a specially lit area to experience unique lighting, as the high availability of the pendant lights at Relax House has made it possible for every individual to dream of a fabulous lighting in their own place.

Heap of options to make the brightest choice!

Ranging from pendant lights that come with a see through feature to the ones that have a thick outer covering, these lights are a massive source of enhancing an ambience. The various choices of pendant lights that we provide include:

• Nature Ball Wooden Pendant

• Nature Sphere Wooden Pendant

• Breeze Drop Black 300mm Rope Pendant

• Breeze Drop White 450mm Rope Pendant

• Breeze Round White 400mm Rope Pendant

• Industrial Pendant Black

• Industrial Pendant Black

• Industrial Cast Pendant Black

• Industrial Cast Pendant White

• Form Earth Concrete Pendant

• Nordic Earth Concrete Pendant (Set of 5)

• Evolve Earth Concrete Pendant Individual

• Juxta Earth Concrete Pendant

• Confusis Earth Concrete Pendant

• Plomp Earth Concrete Pendant

Professional Services of high-quality lighting

The pendant lights that hang from the ceiling will provide the most charming effect for your ambience and will also illuminate your living space with enormous light. These lights are extremely easy to clean and maintain and will stay intact in the place you need it to be in. The splendid set up of the pendant lights will be a total show-stopper for your place. May it be a social gathering or just spending an evening with your family watching a movie, these lights will fit in perfectly into any place to serve as a lighting source for any occasions.

To style up your space a little more we also offer you Scandinavian style furniture and replica designer furniture at highly affordable prices. While we give you the privilege of dual shopping, with ways of choosing your best need online or also visiting our store to buy from a wide spread range of furniture and lighting. Hurry up! Shop now!

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