Relax House Custom Designs (Australia)

“KISS - Keep it simple stupid” Here at Relax House, we are really proud of our expert in-house design team. Our design team is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to modern furniture design. Whether it is their eye for fantastic reproductions of mid-century modern classics, their affinity for retro pieces that still have a place in modern design or that their fingersare always on the pulse of the newest trends in modern furniture design,our design team proves their mettle and delivers over and over again. Relax House offers customers of Australia the best in modern furniture, retro furniture and high quality replica furniture. Our design team sources only the best in replica furniture and original furniture. When it comes to replica pieces, our team knows what to look for and how to find the most true to form designer renditions at far below designer prices. We pore over many variations until we find top notch quality replicas that deserve an audience with our valued customers. The Relax Design team also gathers inspiration from all over the world to help concept and create new, unique, practical, simple and elegant designs that complement the modern aesthetic and our design philosophy. Our design team strives to bring you the best in modern living and set an unmatchable standard of quality, workmanship and consistency. We love what we do and bringing modern furniture to our customers is not just a job, it’s our passion.