Ron Arad (Tel Aviv 1953-)

“Boredom is the mother of creativity.” Ron Arad was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1951, to artist parents. He first studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem later moving to London to study under Peter Cook and Bernard Tschumi at the Architectural Association. Arad opened his architectural design office, One Off Ltd., in 1981. Arad’s One Off studio is in constant state of evolution as he and his team vigorously exploit one material and process after another: from ready-mades and welded heavy metal; to extruded plastic and rapid-prototyping. Combining playful forms and experiments with advanced technologies, Ron Arad has emerged as a force of modern design. Taking a dramatic turn in the 1980s, avant-garde designers like Philippe Stark and Ron Arad deconstructed the rigid ideology of the Bauhaus, often with sly humor and a touch of whimsy. Deconstructing and reconstructing from the forms and styles of the past, Arad created biomorphic forms with unconventional and witty names like the Well Tempered Chair, the After Spring Before Summer chaise lounge and the Tom Vac (named for a friend, the US photographer Tom Vack). Like the Tom Vac chair (1997), much of Arad's work conveys movement through graphic, gestural lines or references to instantly recognizable organic forms. Many or Arad’s pieces illustratehis belief that design should not only offer utility, but surprise and delight. Personal interaction and play remain central to Arad’s work and his willingness to question typologies of design, to experiment with processes and to expand boundaries make him a force among modern designers and a delight to watch for what he does next.