Poul M Volther (Copenhagen 1923-2001)

“Modernist furniture designers of the 1960’s like PoulVolther took natural shapes such as ovals and circles and came up with outstanding pieces like the Corona Chair.” Poul M. Voltherstands among the generation of architects with solid footing in the very best craftsmanship but with an eye keenly looking toward the future. Volther was a firm supporter of functionalism and abhorred fads. He had an affinity for the simple manufacture of fine materials but he didn’t shy away from using the modern innovations available to him. Volther began his career as a trained cabinet-maker later graduating from Copenhagen School of Arts and Crafts. Later he taught at the Danish School of Art and Design, influencing hundreds of young designers' sense of craftsmanship and quality. In 1949 Volther was hired by FDB´s design studio on the recommendation of his friend and colleague Hans Wegner.Over time he would prove his mettle and collaborate on several important chairs for FDB. Volther was later made the head architect of the design office. Volther created some of the best known chairs and couches, many of which are still in production today. Much of his furniture oeuvre from this period can still be found in thousands of homes and hotels throughout Denmark. The Corona chair is, without comparison, PoulVolther’s most famous design. Created in 1964 the beautiful ‘Corona Chair’ lit up both the Danish and American design communities. The chair’s name, ‘Corona’ comes from the corona of the Sun, which is the outer layer of the Sun’s atmosphere. The ingenious name ‘Corona’ probably had some impact on the chair’s positiveAmerican reception. The Corona chair was released right in the middle of the ‘space race’ between the United States and the Soviet Union giving it topicality.The chair was and isvisually striking and exceptional. The design and form feels as modern today and it did when it was first conceived of in the 1960s.