Jorge Pensi (Argentina 1946-)

“Pensi's elegant designs can be described as expressive Minimalist, notable for the balance he has so convincingly achieved between form and function.” –Ketterer Kunst Following the death of Franco in 1975, Spain blossomed with a renewed sense of vitality and freedom. In the city of Barcelona, a new Spanish design movement was gaining a foothold that would soon be recognized internationally. Barcelona's regional designers borrowed from the style of Antoni Gaudi, the avantgardepainter Joan Miro and other influential artists of the time. Others artists, like Jorge Pensi, explored and developed a more individual, modern and internationally appealing style. A native of Argentina, Jorge Pensi studied architecture in Buenos Aires. In 1977 Pensi acquired Spanish citizenship and joined Alberto Lievore, OriolPibernat and Noberto Chaves in founding the design consultancy GrupoBerenguer. Pensi continually produced new designs for lighting and furniture and became widely known for his elegant and fluid chair designs. The Toledo, Pensi’smeticulously cast-aluminum chair was a stunner and the recipient of a number of top notch design awards. Additionally, Pensi’sOrfilia chair and his Olympia lamp exemplified Spanish design during this period. Jorge Pensicontinues to be a driving force in Spanish designand worksinternationally as a design consultant and furniture auteur for a handful of fine furniture manufacturers.