Vintage Kitchen Furniture Collection: Modern Designs For a Modern Home

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Vintage Bar Stools

The kitchen is not just the room where you store food and prepare your meals. The room also strongly impacts how the interior looks as a whole especially since the area tends to be adjacent to the living room.

There are plenty of furniture and décor items you can add to give the kitchen a sleek and modern look. This includes vintage stools, lavish counters, and wooden cabinet doors. Just remember that there is no right or wrong way to decorate the kitchen; it’s all about creating a contemporary look that achieves a timeless appearance.


Enhancing Dining Room & Dining Table space

In most homes, the dining room can be considered an extension of the kitchen, so adding decoration to one part complements the other. Since the dining portion of the room includes a table and chairs, this is a good place to begin the renovations. Most dining tables and chairs come in sets; however, feel free to purchase each of the items separately. This gives you a little more leeway especially if you don’t really care for a uniform appearance.

For the seating, consider some funky chairs to blend in with the backdrop. By funky chairs, this means ones that come in unconventional colors and designs other than what you would generally expect from a dining chair. This may include vintage models hand painted with a bright color, or an irregularly shaped backrest.

As far as the table goes, a vintage table made from oak or other type of wood with a Victorian design will really give the area a traditional yet modern appearance. Since the table will be one of the biggest if not the biggest furniture in the room, it will be the centerpiece that acts as the backdrop for other décor items. Unless you use the table on a regular basis, it really serves more as a decoration anyways rather than serving its intended function. Consider setting the table with your finest eating ware. Don’t be shy about breaking out your finest chrome utensils and china. You can also set teacups and coasters with a decorative artwork.

Drawing on the subject of tables, you can also consider incorporating a vintage desk. A desk is often not a piece of furniture you would associate with the kitchen. However, a small vintage desk can make a great addition especially if placed next to a counter or somewhere off to the side. It can serve a function similar to a coffee table where you store small items, such as your recipe cards or oven timer. This is also the perfect location for a small TV if you enjoy watching your favorite programs while whipping up a meal for the family.


Kitchen Counter

An area that all kitchens have, of course, is the counter. Having the entire counter replaced may not be a feasible option for some homeowners. However, even if you’re not satisfied with the countertop, you can improve its appearance with items placed on its surface. Most kitchen accessories also serve as décor, so you don’t really need a whole lot of extras. Simple items like a knife block, wooden cutting board, knife sharpener, spice rack, and basic appliances will suffice in sprucing up the entire counter. 


Kitchen Patios

Another area to consider is the patio. While the outdoor area may seem unrelated to the kitchen, patios are often located next to this room via sliding glass door. Since you can view the patio from the kitchen and vice versa, this means decorating one area will also influence the appearance of the other. Consider placing vintage outdoor furniture close to the glass door for maximum visibility. This also gives off a welcoming ambiance when you’re indoors looking out. Vintage outdoor furniture typically entails a table and chairs set, but can also include lounge chairs, umbrellas, and hammocks. 


Island counter

Some kitchens also have an island counter. This normally serves as a section for storing appliances, pot, and pans, or as a food prep station. Make the most of the island by making decorative use of its elements. You can, for example, incorporate the classic diner vintage stools with a swivel leg. This provides a highly vintage and retro look while maintaining a contemporary style. Likewise, the stools also make excellent accessories for a bar, which is normally also adjacent to the kitchen if available.



Chair and stool Selection

Keep in mind that stools also come in the form of normal chairs but with higher standing legs. In essence, these are almost like a hybrid between a stool and chair. For a more vintage look, go for wooden stools. If you’re going for a look that exudes a high-class vibe, then aim for one that comes with black or brown leather padding.



Don’t forget that the lighting also plays a huge factor. While you should make the most of lighting fixtures, also take advantage of the natural sunlight during the day hours. Wherever there is a window in the kitchen, hang a mirror on the opposite end if possible. This will reflect the light across the room and give the whole area a splash of nature’s sunrays.

For the evening, use your lighting fixtures to simulate a similar look and glow over the room. Most fixtures serve as décor in of themselves, so this is another item that can be used to your decorative advantage. An overhead pendant light always looks nice. The ones in the shape of a scone are a good choice and also create dim lighting, which is really effective for concentrating the light and emphasis on a certain spot.

When it comes to lighting, there are also a number of retro lamps you can consider for your counter. Most retro lamps come in a style reminiscent of fixtures from the 60s, 70s, or even further back. Since a lamp is a relatively small item, it will provide a contrast that is noticeable yet won’t take away from the contemporary appearance you’re trying to maintain.

A modern kitchen look can be achieved even by mixing in some vintage furniture. A hint of retro style will provide a nostalgic feeling whilst still achieving a room that has all the looks and conveniences of a modern kitchen. Remember that there is no right or wrong way when it comes to home renovation; whatever style satisfies you is the one that you should stick with. 


January 08, 2015