Pendant Lights - Adding X- Factor To Your Home!

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Pendant Lights For Home Interiors

Pendant Lights For Home Interiors

You can adorn the interiors and exteriors of your house with eye catching pendant lights to design warm and peppy living spaces for you and your family . Pendant lights are a great way to enhance the looks of your foyer or kitchen. These fixtures hang from the ceiling and are suspended either with a cord or a metallic chain. The wide choice of shapes and sizes makes it a versatile means to light up any room or patio. These fixtures can be either used as a single entity or multiple fixtures can be used to create a pattern. Pendant lights also are also referred to as suspended lights or drop lights.

These light fixtures are more popular than their antiquated counterparts i.e the chandeliers and are used widely in most modern homes. Pendant lights bring in the advantages of a chandelier and can be used to provide lighting focal points in any room but are more affordable than chandeliers and are better suited to a contemporary home.  A drop light also doubles up as an efficient task light in work spaces like a kitchen. While chandeliers are bulky the pendant lights come in simpler designs and have a sleek finish. These fixtures are a splendid way to light up a room without wasting any floor space.

Pendant lights are typically made of materials like glass, cloth, plastic and metal. The plastic fixtures will be lighter on your pocket but you have to keep in mind that they tend to discolor with use. The overall illumination and look is not comparable to the one where glass is used. Plastic fixtures can be used in corners where the usage is less so that they last long. Pendant lights made of clear glass are the ideal option for living spaces in your home like the kitchen where it has to be well lit and bright. Lights with metal also are a popular option as the clean and reflective surfaces ensure that the room is illuminated well. Light fixtures made of cloth should be used indoors to keep cleaning simple. Designer hand blown   glass pendant lights can create a mesmerizing effect on your guests.

These lights can be fitted using the plug- in option or you can go with the hard wiring option. When you choose the plug in option installation is as simple as plugging in the fixture and turning it on. The flip side for this is that you may end up needing long, visibly messy extension chords. It is better to choose the hard wiring option especially when the fixture has to be set in permanently. Hardwiring ensures that the chord of the light is directly connected to the main electrical line and hence you do not have to deal with the messy extension cords, plugs or additional dangling wires. There are a lot of D-I-Y guides using which you can do the hardwiring yourself or you can choose to use the services of a handyman for the installation.

You can find varied designs of pendant lighting and you can choose the right one for you based on the purpose it has to serve.  Lantern pendant lights are usually used to light up the foyer or the entrance area and are hung in such a way that it can be seen from outside the house also. You can choose a bowl pendant light for good ambient lighting for kitchen or the living room. The bowl diffuses the light and the undiffused light reaches the ceiling and is reflected back from the ceiling into the room. If you want to direct the light to a specific area like the vanity place in the bathroom then choosing a pendant light where the light is focused down will be the right choice. Using multiple mini pendant lights on top of a dinner table or a counter is a sure way to create an awe inspiring setting in your home. Directional lights are one more option that can be used indoors to focus the light and highlight an area in your abode.

Pendant fixtures can take in different kinds of bulbs from the cheap incandescent lights to the more popular power saving options like LED or CFL lights. Even though the traditional bulbs are less expensive they are not energy efficient and they have to be replaced more frequently than LED or CFL lights. In the longer run the use of the environment friendly LED bulbs will be economical even though you have to invest more when buying them. The kind of the bulb that fits in a fixture will be dependent on its design and size.

The height at which the drop light has to be installed varies depending on the place where you want it fitted. It is important that the fittings are not too low as  the tall people in the house will have to deal with the inconvenience  of either getting their head hit or have to keep ducking down to avoid the lights.  It is a good practice to have the lights at 20” to 25” above the tallest person’s height. If you are using one near the entrance it is ideal to keep it seven feet above the ground level. When installing the fixtures you will needs cords of longer length if you are plugging it in than when you are hardwiring it. You will need a cord of 4’ to 6’ for hardwiring installations and close to 9’ for the plug in option. If there is additional cord then it can be tucked into the ceiling or can be trimmed off.

You can enhance the beauty of your yard or deck with striking outdoor pendant lights. Experts recommend that indoor light pendants should not be used outdoors. Hanging outdoor pendant lights on the trees can make your garden a perfect setting for a great evening party. The right set of pendant lights can turn even a dreary room into an inspired work space or a dazzling living area.


January 08, 2015