Is Appearance More Important than Comfort for Office Chairs?

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Importance of Office Chairs

Importance of Office Chairs

Whether in a home office or at work, many people spend a lot of time in office chairs. It’s important to have a comfortable seat so that you can maximize your productivity and improve your daily activities, but the appearance of a chair is another important factor. Is it more important to have a comfortable chair, or one that looks good?


Ergonomic Office Chairs - Required Features & Benefits

Having an ergonomic office chair is one of the best ways to increase your comfort, maximize your productivity, and prevent back, neck, or arm problems. A good ergonomic chair should be height-adjustable, so that you can rest your feet flat on the floor and your knees at a 90 degree angle. This helps prevent you from straining your back.

Ergonomic chairs should also have armrests, which are especially important if you are spending long periods of time typing or working at a desk. This will keep your elbows from hanging and keep you comfortable. Your shoulders shouldn’t be hunched, because that can give you shoulder and back soreness, and your arms should be parallel to the ground.

The seat shouldn’t be too long, because that can encourage you to lean forward and strain your back. Also, the back should come at least to the height of your upper shoulders, so that you can lean against it for support. Good lumbar support for your lower back is essential for preventing pain or soreness there.



Wheeled Office Chairs

Wheeled chairs are usually the best for office work, because they can be easily pushed away and rolled around so that you can adjust your position. Although they are becoming rarer, office chairs with no wheels or pivot still exist and can be uncomfortable and inconvenient.



Office Chair Material

The material it is made out of should be comfortable to sit on, so scratchy fabric probably isn’t a good idea. Finally, a good office chair should be padded, to increase comfort, but so padded that you lose all support.



Office Chair Comfort Factor

Since you spend so much time sitting in an office chair, comfort is definitely important—but what about appearance? The way that an office chair looks is an important component of your office, and the way your office looks is an important part of your professional image. The environment that you surround yourself with is important for setting a mood that helps you do your best work. 


Retro Office Chairs

Whether you work in a fun, progressive office or a more serious traditional workplace, having the right chair is a great way to build your office’s image. A retro chair in a fun color like red or white is a good way to spice up your workspace, while a more traditional, solid chair in black or brown is good for communicating an air of power and prestige.



Office Chair - Look Vs Comfort

When you sit in a certain chair all day, it’s important that it looks good—but it’s also important that it’s comfortable and ergonomic. So how do you decide whether looks or comfort is more important? If you can only have one, then the decision is an individual one that’s best left up to you.

It shouldn’t, however, be too much to ask for both. With the right office chair, you can have both a comfortable and great looking seat; so don’t settle for a chair that only gives you one or the other.


January 08, 2015