Not happy with your dull wall? Cover it with a designer bookcase!

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Designer Bookcase

When you’re deciding how to decorate your home, you want to make sure that everything is exactly right. You've picked the perfect floor coverings, furniture and paint schemes, but maybe there’s one wall that you simply have no idea how to decorate.

If that’s the case, why hang some meaningless piece of art on that wall when you can create a space that’s both decorative and functional? Here are a couple of different designs, and some suggestions on how some cool bookshelves can transform a room from ordinary to extraordinary. 


A Completely Customizable Cube Bookcase System

Stacked Shelves by Muuto

Every person has different needs, so it stands to reason that no two designs will be identical. By utilizing a fully interchangeable design, you can set these black or white cube shelves up so they will perfectly fit your needs. On the low end, you can start with a simple four by two shelf unit, which gives you eight total shelves to store whatever you need. If you require more space, the sky is truly the limit, as you can expand as large as you want by adding additional bookcases. With modern styling and clean lines, this study wooden system is the perfect finishing touch to any room.  


The Classic Look of a French Bookcase

If you’re after something with a more classic look, consider a display cabinet that features a mixture of bookshelves and storage drawers. The oak finish will provide that natural warmth that only a wooden facade can provide, and it will make any room feel brighter. This unit features six shelves and four large drawers, which makes it a completely versatile multipurpose display piece. By combining classic styling with practical functionality, you’ll be assured that your home will be absolutely perfect.

Now that you've decided on which setup best fits your needs, the next thing to do is maximize the potential of your new shelving unit. Yes, your new shelves are stylish, but they can also serve a real tangible purpose in your home. With a little bit of creative thinking, you’ll be walking the line between style and substance like a well-seasoned professional interior decorator.  Here are a few tips to get you started on the path towards maximizing the value of your new piece.


Extra Storage

A house only has so many places to keep things, and you never seem to have enough of them, do you? Now you have a new solution, as bookshelves aren't only for storing books. Cut down on some of your closet clutter by using your cube shelves to get your possessions out of storage, and you’ll be amazed at how much space you could gain. 


A Canvas for Decorating

If freeing up storage space isn't your main priority, you can also use your new shelving units to stage a multi-level ornamental landscape. If you own any antique or historic books, this is obviously the perfect place to display them. You can also place some of your more decorative pieces on the shelves, and not only will you be adding another level to your room’s décor, but you’ll also be giving your prized possessions the places of honor that they deserve. 


Stack Books Differently

You want your new bookcase to be an eye-catching piece, so don’t shelve your books in a boring, conventional manner. Break up the monotony of book storage by alternating between horizontal and vertical stacks, and even try doing it on the same shelf. By changing up the way you display your various volumes, you’ll create individual opportunities to catch someone’s eye every time the pattern changes. 


Say Hi to the Family

For a completely different look, you can also try using your new cool bookshelves as a platform to display all of your family photos. Instead of keeping all of those smiling faces cooped up in a dusty old album, you can use desktop frames and either put them in some of the cubbyholes of your cube bookcase or place them in a row on top of the unit. Whenever you entertain guests, as their eyes focus on your designer shelving, they’ll be greeted by your favorite photos of your loved ones smiling right back. 


Brighten the Room

Does your room need some extra lighting to help brighten the mood? Your new shelving unit can provide ample opportunities to place different kinds of light sources. First, you can start with a small table lamp to provide some basic light to the area. If you want to provide some illumination to your display pieces, consider stringing some lights in the nooks and crannies of the shelves or you can even add some battery-powered stick-on recessed lights to create the perfect effect.



Fill Them With Color

You’re using a new shelving unit to spruce up a drab wall, so you might as well take advantage of the space and use some color to make your display pieces pop. If you've opted for the black or white cube shelves, the open backing allows your wall to provide the background color. With a solid-backed French bookcase, you have two options to create a colorful backdrop to accent your possessions. If you plan on frequently changing the items on the shelves, try temporarily mounting colored paper to the back wall with double-sided tape. If you’re fairly certain that the display is permanent, an accent color is as easy as a fresh coat of paint.



Decorate the Front

The real world is a three-dimensional place, and your new bookshelves provide an opportunity to create a true 3-D artistic canvas. Sure, you've started with the accent colors mentioned above and filled the space with books or other interesting items, but why stop there? For a complete effect from back to front, consider mounting things like picture frames, mirrors or other small trinkets to the façade. These small embellishments really go a long way towards creating a truly unique artistic space.

These are just a few ways that some cool bookshelves can transform a boring wall into something unique, but it’s hardly an exhaustive list. Whether you opted for the modern look of a cube bookcase or the classic wooden warmth of the French bookcase, your imagination is the only limit to what you could do with your new-found space. With a little bit of work and creative thinking, you’ll definitely have the best bookcase in Melbourne. 


January 08, 2015