Modern Living Room TV Storage Units With Inspiration

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The modern living room utilizes minimalism and neutrality to achieve that sleek design.

When decorating, you want to go for simple paint and colour schemes accented by clean lines. You will probably want a few neutral base colours as well as a handful of bold colours for a touch of chutzpah here and there.

You might want round pieces to fill your room, but it’s the angular furniture that will give your space that pop you are looking for. Especially for small spaces, a TV storage combination will really help you maximize your space without creating a cluttered or overdone feel. 

With the modern living room, it is all about using your space to the fullest. It is not enough to have an open floor plan. You have to use your space to the maximum potential. It used to be said that the kitchen was the centrepiece in the home. As technology advances, the entertainment area is giving the former front-runner a run for its money. Nowadays, the living room and kitchen are located right next to each other to facilitate easy and natural movement from one room to the other. 

The media room should be inviting and comfortable enough for your family to spend quality time together. Whether it is movie night or watching your Favorite weekly show, you and your loved ones are going to spend a lot of time in the living room. Your teenagers are going to play video games. You are going to watch the news and your spouse will cheer his or her Favorite sports team on to the finals. Naturally with this much activity, you are going to need plenty of storage space. The average media library is filled with CDs, DVDs and video games. Then, you will also need a place to store the various remote controls and gaming systems. No nook can go unused. Luckily, a TV corner unit can take care of those dead corners. 

Not every entertainment unit is designed to meet the personal and storage needs of your average family. Combined, all the systems, TVs and discs take up a lot of room, but no one wants unsightly clutter. TV units with storage inspiration are fast becoming a staple in the modern living room. It is necessary to find the perfect spot to store every piece of entertainment equipment without sacrificing style and design. As the world charges into the wireless age and rids itself of pesky tangled cables and unwanted mess, people want furniture that does the same. 

Entertainment units come in a wide variety of styles and finishes, which allows you to pick something that works for you and your space. For instance, if you want wooden TV cabinets or an oak TV unit, both are readily available. You can even purchase items with incorporated colour accents, so they fit better into your living room design. Do not be afraid to do a little research to figure out what will work best in your space.

Focus on Shapes

Geometric shapes are a staple of the modern living room design. Fortunately, storage spaces are often angular and can easily give you those clean lines you need to turn your room into a cohesive space. Entertainment units will often have shelving and small cubbies for your DVD player or game system. Do not dismiss these spaces as merely functional. These little areas can do a lot to accent your room while providing you much needed storage. 

In particular, a Scandi TV unit will give you interesting design and fantastic quality. You will often see these units with mismatched shelves. This means the spaces are not simply equally sized in a predictable pattern. Scandi units can give you a long shelf next to a shorter space. This type of variation breaks up the monotony of a room and draws the eye into the area. It gives you defined places to store your game system and the associated discs or remotes. Furthermore, you will find interesting accents in thin slanted leg pieces or sliding doors. 

When searching for that perfect piece, look for something that really catches your eye. The extra storage should not be boring. It is another opportunity to make your living room special and unique. An orange or grey panel instead of a stained wooden door can be a subtle way to bring the space together. Keeping your living room clutter free does not have to be a chore. If you pick out the right piece of furniture, you might just have fun putting your knick-knacks away.

Make the Most of Dead Space

Most homeowners know what it is like to encounter that dreaded corner space. You do not know what you are supposed to do with that apparently useless area. Then, you feel obligated to put a table and a plant there just to fill it with something. Instead, stick a TV corner unit there. Suddenly, the space is useful and a great place to store your belongings. Dead corners are not beyond saving. They just require a little more thought when you are designing. 

Especially if you live in a small or unusually shaped apartment, the corner spaces can feel like a nightmare. Only certain pieces of furniture will fit, and you feel like you should be able to use it. With a little bit of research, you will find that perfect corner entertainment unit to fill the space. Conversely, if you don’t want your TV to be the focal point of the room, put it in the corner. Putting a conventionally shaped TV storage combination in an angled place will not utilize the space to its fullest potential. Inevitably, you will have unused area behind the unit. A corner unit will give you maximum storage capacity. 

With a touch of thought, dead space becomes storage space. If you can find a tall corner unit, you will be able to maximize your vertical space as well. Do not underestimate a good corner. When you need more space for your things, think unconventionally and you will find a fabulous and unexpected solution.

Maximize Visual Flow

Every room needs a focal point or a wow piece of furniture or artwork. If wooden TV cabinets are your preference, try an oak TV unit to bring your living area together. For rooms with darker color schemes, pick a lighter stain to contrast the surroundings. The storage space will become a visual pop to complete the room. It will be both a functional and stylistic choice for your media room. Even though it may not feel like it in the store, once you see the contrast brought into your living space you will know you made the right choice. 

On the other hand, maybe you need to add storage without disrupting the flow of what is already there. Take a good look around your room and imagine what the perfect entertainment piece looks like. How much extra space do you need? Do you need a wide or tall piece of furniture? What will help your eyes move smoothly around the room? The most important question is what will make your modern living room even more inviting? 

The hardest part about good visual flow is balancing your practical needs with your design necessities. Just because you want a minimalist look and feel does not mean you want minimal storage space. You are going to need something that can hold all the family movies as well as that beautiful flat screen. Again, do your research. That perfect piece is worth searching and waiting for. 

Conceal or Show-Off

The key to a modern space is a clean and clutter free design. For a living room, the entertainment piece will be instrumental in providing you these desirable design qualities. However, you do have a choice to make. Do you want a storage space to openly display your belongings, or would you prefer a series of doors and covered shelves? Fortunately, a modern entertainment unit can easily be one or the other. In fact, if you do not want to choose between the two options, you do not have to. Many units incorporate hidden and open storage elements. 

For example, a Scandi TV unit can have sliding doors and open shelves for your trinkets. If you want to hide the TV cables and display your movie collection, you can do both at the same time. Should you choose a unit with a sliding door, you can even choose to conceal your tchotchkes one day or show-off them off the next. This can be incredibly useful when you have guests with small children. This way they will not harm themselves by getting tangled in wires when the adults are not looking. 

How you want to organize you space is entirely up to you. Storage inspired TV units are meant for the consumer who desires functionality and customizable options. That modern living room is only a few steps away. All you need is a comfy couch and that perfect entertainment unit. Do a little searching and figure out what will work best for you.

January 28, 2015