The Starck Louis Ghost Chair: Working this Royalty Inspired Design Into Your Space

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The Louis Ghost Style Armchair in Black, Cream & Translucent

Ghost chairs in the kitchen

Ghost chairs in the kitchen

Many design clients see the iconic Philippe Starck Louis Ghost chair and they just have to have it. Then they get their Ghost-style chair home and struggle to figure out how to incorporate this iconic piece into their living space. They scratch their heads, is it casual or is it formal, they ask. It’s no wonder some customers struggle with how put this fabulous chair to work.

The Louis Ghost chair and the nearly identical replicas are made out of polycarbonate plastic. Plastic means casual to most people and yet the Louis Ghost chair’s shape is intended to bring to mind the very formal Louis XVI original, carved in Mahogany, with its ornate Baroque curves.So the material of the Louis Ghost chair is casual but the form is more, shall we say,formal. This is good news because with this marriage of old and new, formal and informal, the Louis Ghost style chair is uniquely versatile and can add an old world, new modernism kind of vibe to your space.

The kitchen is a great place for a Louis Ghost style chair because it gives you a more ornate, baroque look in what is essentially a plastic chair with all of its advantages like being stain resistant, easy to wipe clean and light enough to move around when the floors need cleaning.

Formal Can Be Done in a Very Modern Way with the Ghost Chair

The Louis Ghost style chairs can blend beautifully with glass tables and lighting as you can see in the above picture. In this milieu, the Louis Ghost style chairs feel very regal and elegant. The chandelier, papered wall and white upholstered settee serve to elevate these polycarbonate chairs to something more akin to a glass slipper.

In this above photo, we see a much more rustic and casual use of the space. Paired with a simple wood slab table, a miniature olive tree, an Eames style rocker in the background and a simple sofa, the translucent Louis Ghost style chairs look pretty but not overdone. The combined look is unpretentious but styled in a way that tells you this person understands design.

How they can almost disappear

How they can almost disappear

How they can almost disappear

One of the most wonderful things about the Louis Ghost style chairs, especially the translucent Louis Ghost style chairs, is how they can almost disappear. As eye-catching as the Louis Ghost chair is, these stunning pieces are completely unobtrusive which can be a terrific asset in a smaller space or when you have another design element you want to take center stage.

In the room pictured above, the Louis Ghost style chairs are paired with a tulip table to create a small eating nook. It is easy to visualize how a heavier looking wooden chair would make the space seem crowded and clunky. Here, seating is not compromised but the are still looks expansive and airy.

The Clear Louis Ghost Chair a Perfect Solution for Smaller Spaces

Again we see the clear arm chairs paired with the tulip table. The combination of Tulip table and clear Louis Ghost style chairs is a great match for your smaller spaces because the chairs don’t block off the space and the tulip table with its slim pedestal rather than heavy wooden legs is space conscious.

Colour Without Competing Clutter

Pops of bright colour are the trend of the season. In this room (above), you can see two very important things. One, the clear Louis Ghost style chairs don’t compete with the colour splashes in the room. With mostly white with just a little red thrown in, your eye is drawn to the colour in a pleasant way.

You notice the pretty dining chairs but they are unobtrusive. Second, in this space you have a combined dining and living room area. It can be difficult to bring an eating space into a relaxing space without feeling like you have a card table and folding chairs set up in your unwinding area. When you select pieces that are informal but elegant, like we see in the photo above, you make sure the spaces complement one another.

These iconic chairs even work for dining al fresco, or for perhaps, your small, outdoor wedding reception. The Louis Ghost style chair elevates the surroundings, wherever you add it.

The Louis Ghost Style Chair for the Bath or Vanity

I absolutely love both of these looks. The bathroom and vanity look so high end, stylish and inviting. Who wouldn’t want to toss their cashmere robe and towel over the Louis Ghost style arm chair and take a bath and then finish getting ready while seated at the vanity? I say pick up a few of these perfect accent chairs and then pull them into another room when you need seamless extra party seating!

The Louis Ghost Style Chair Works Well for Other Rooms Too

Here we see both the clear Louis Ghost style chair and the cream-coloured Ghost chair replicalending modernity to a classic office and work space. This pairing illustrates for us how you can bring your workspace into a living or dining room without sacrificing the space’s esthetics.

Here we see the solid white replica Louis Ghost arm chair functioning as a beautiful side chair alongside an overstuffed sofa and similar chair and ottoman. The chair and subdued black and white colour scheme seem modern and to trend rather than the dated 80s ways of using black and white.

Who Says a Plastic Chair Can’t Be Pretty?

Who Says a Plastic Chair Can’t Be Pretty

Who Says a Plastic Chair Can’t Be Pretty

Whether you want to tone done a fancier bedroom, update a shabby-chic style room without completely changing everything, or add a modern softness to the space, the Louis Ghost Style chair is pretty, even feminine without feeling heavy or Grannyesque.

Make no bones about it, black is back and the black Louis Ghost arm chair is bold. Added to a room, it can imbue it with a sense of seriousness or lend a bit of Hollywood Regency style and glam. You can also pepper in this chair in bold, colourful graphic rooms like the picture with the yellow, geometric wall paper.

In the dining room pictured, the black Louis Ghost style chair while not overtly masculine, adds a nice contrast to the more ornate wall covering and chandelier.

The designer replica Louis Ghost chair is available from Relax House. Our true to the original replicas are constructed with attention to detail and care. The replica Starck Louis Ghost arm chair is available in cream, black and clear. The armless Louis Ghost dining chair is available in the clear finish. These chairs are constructed from polycarbonate making them strong and scratch resistant. For more information on available colours and styles or to order one, please visit Relax House

April 19, 2012