Lighting - It's Not Just for Luminosity

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The Designer Side of Lighting

The Designer Side of Lighting

Everyone wants to make their homes look and feel good for guests and for those who reside there. You add comfortable couches, hang beautiful art to the walls and create design schemes that promote conversation and intimate moments. Have you ever thought about how the lighting that you utilize in your home can change the way your home looks and feels? With the right lighting choices, you can transform a room from top to bottom. A few simple additions can make your room seem larger or smaller, depending on what you want, and can be the final touch that caps off your interior design.



Skylights for illumination

If your home does not have a lot of natural light, you may be missing out on some illumination that could benefit your mood and your pocketbook. Large windows or skylights can let in sunlight throughout the day that prevents you from having to use electricity all day long. If possible, you may want to revamp your windows or install a skylight to make the daytime lighting in your home natural and flattering to your design. There are some areas in the home, such as the basement or north-facing rooms, where natural light will never be able to occur, but that is where you can add better lighting elements as well.



Ideal Kitchen Lights

When the sun goes down, you need the lights on in your home to see, but the lights you choose to use can either provide a flattering glow or unattractive shadows. Can lights are a good option for the kitchen, replacing those flickering incandescent lights that wash out your guests’ skin tones. The great thing about this type of lights is that you can place them anywhere you want a direct beam of light. A row of can lights over your island or counter can provide illumination for your family as they eat meals.



Eye - catching Designer Lights

Not only can the right lighting provide a good-looking glow to your home, but it can also add elements of visual interest to any design scheme. Functionality is essential, but form is just as important when you want to complete the look of a room. Choose lamps, pendants and chandeliers that look as good when they are off as they do when they are on. There are many different styles of lighting to choose from, such as modern, classic, industrial or chic, that you are sure to find the right pieces for the look you prefer. You can add an eye-catching pop of colour or a sculptural element of surprise by picking an interesting lamp that can completely transform your space.


Lighting variation with changes in weather

When the weather turns cold and the days are shorter, the lack of natural light in your home can affect your mood. Properly arranged artificial lighting can help chase away the winter blues, keeping you feeling good throughout the long months of the winter season. Adding brightness to your room, even during the daytime hours, can be therapeutic and beneficial to all who live in your home.

While basic lighting is important in any house, creating a comfortable, cozy home can be accomplished by adding beautiful accent pieces that shine warm, flattering light on your family and anyone who comes to visit.




Amour Tuscan Yellow

When considering the overall luminosity of your decoration, it is essential to take into account the colour of your furniture. The colour of your furniture can significantly impact the way light interacts with your space. Lighter-coloured furniture, such as white or pastel shades, tends to reflect more light, creating a brighter and more luminous atmosphere. On the other hand, darker-coloured furniture, like deep browns or blacks, absorbs more light, resulting in a cozier and more intimate ambience.

Additionally, the texture and finish of your furniture can also influence luminosity. Glossy surfaces reflect light more effectively, while matte finishes absorb and disperse light, creating a softer and more diffused glow. By carefully selecting the colour and finish of your furniture, you can enhance the overall luminosity of your space and create the desired atmosphere.



VIP Table Lamp by Joergen Gammelgaard for Pandul

To achieve the perfect ambience in your home, it is crucial to consider layered lighting. Layered lighting involves combining different types of lighting fixtures to create depth, texture, and visual interest. By incorporating ambient, task, and accent lighting, you can create a well-balanced and versatile lighting scheme that caters to different needs and moods.

Ambient lighting provides overall illumination and sets the general tone of the room. This can be achieved through ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, or recessed lighting. Task lighting, on the other hand, is more focused and functional, providing light for specific activities such as reading, cooking, or working. This can be achieved through table lamps, desk lamps, or under-cabinet lighting. Lastly, accent lighting adds drama and highlights specific elements in the room, such as artwork, architectural features, or decorative objects. This can be achieved through spotlights, wall sconces, or picture lights. By combining these different layers of light, you can create a dynamic and visually appealing space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


In today's technological age, smart lighting systems have become increasingly popular. These systems allow you to control your lights remotely through a smartphone or voice commands, providing convenience and flexibility. With smart lighting, you can easily adjust the brightness, colour temperature, and even the colour of your lights to suit your preferences and create different moods. Additionally, smart lighting systems often come with energy-saving features, such as motion sensors and timers, which can help reduce energy consumption and lower your electricity bills. By embracing smart lighting technology, you can enhance the functionality and efficiency of your home while adding a touch of modernity to your decor.



While we often focus on the interior lighting of our homes, outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall curb appeal and security of our properties. Well-placed outdoor lights can highlight architectural features, illuminate pathways and driveways, and create a welcoming ambience for guests.

Additionally, outdoor lighting can also act as a deterrent for potential intruders, providing an added layer of security. When choosing outdoor lighting fixtures, it is important to consider the style and architecture of your home to ensure a cohesive and harmonious look. Whether you opt for wall sconces, pathway lights, or string lights, outdoor lighting can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional extension of your home.


Lighting is not just about providing illumination; it is an essential element of interior design that can significantly impact the look and feel of your home. By carefully selecting the right lighting fixtures, considering the colour and finish of your furniture, and incorporating layered lighting techniques, you can create a space that is both visually stunning and functional. Whether you prefer a bright and airy atmosphere or a cozy and intimate ambience, lighting has the power to transform your home and elevate your decor.

So, next time you embark on a design project, don't forget to give lighting the attention it deserves. Contact us, our Decor Experts are here to help you with your Home Decoration Project.

January 08, 2015