Mixing Chairs: Pull Up a Seat See How It's Done

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Mixing different chairs in a dining space can result in either a funky

Mixing different chairs in a dining space can result in either a funky, pulled together, eclectic look or like you have a mental disorder or at the very least, bad taste. Mixing style and colours doesn’t have to be anxiety inducing. Perhaps you are adding to your existing set, you need more seating and you don’t want to start from scratch. Or maybe you are setting out to buy a mixed set from the beginning to set your dining space apart. Whatever your reason, using chairs of a different style or colour together can add a very personal touch to your eating and entertaining space.

The Tolix Chair It Just Simply Goes With Everything.

natural tolix mixed with wood chairs

When you are mixing chairs for a purely playful, eclectic and inspiring look, the sky is the limit. Here we see some great examples of mixed chairs that you wouldn’t immediately put together but the pairings really work. Relax House offers a wonderful selection of modern chairs that you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Try a Bertoia style wire side chair, like the one pictured here with a gorgeous Magis Steel Wood chair reproduction. Or pair the intricate cutout Marcello Zilian Caprice style chairs in black, red and white.

The Relax House Dondoli & Pocci Viento reproduction comes in six different colours allowing for some mix and match design opportunities. Whether it is for your indoor or outdoor area, Relax House offers a wide selection giving you the most options to personalize your design space.

Blending Danish Furniture is Nearly Effortless because of the Simple, Elegant, Timeless Styling.

danish wood chair mix

Danish modern eclecticMixing chair styles at a table can bring a playful and energetic quality to a room, but here the result is a space that feels quite peaceful, subdued without being stiff. The carefully chosen seating, including the reproduction Hans Wegner CH24 Wishbone chair and the Hans Wegner CH20 Elbow Chair replica, is varied and yet similar.

These Danish inspired chairs all look warm, they are each a variation on the same theme, creating a sophisticated design that has a sense of order. Danish modern furniture, because of its beautiful materials and clean form, lends itself well to mixing. Pick out two or three favorites in similar styles and you can have a look that is at once sophisticated and eclectic.

Relax House offers a large variety of very high quality reproductions of designer Danish wood furniture from masters like Hans Wegner and Arne Jacobsen.

Same Colour Different Style Chairs

Same Colour Different Style Chairs

Here again we see how fun and festive our table can look with mixed chairs. Here, we have chosen varying style in wood, mostly spindle, all painted the same Robin’s Egg blue. The effect is charming.

If you want to keep a uniform colour or fabric perhaps, you can choose different style chairs.

upholstered chairs

In this case, it is easier to stick with a similar style chair like the sage green houndstooth upholstered chairs pictured here. The chairs are different but the style and chair height is pretty close. All four chairs are white wood, more ornate style and the unifying effect of the same upholstery is what pulls it all together.

What could have been a very serious and formal look if there were six of any one of these chairs takes on a more playful, “fancy informal” look executed this way.Here again we see how fun and festive our table can look with mixed chairs. Here, we have chosen varying style in wood, mostly spindle, all painted the same Robin’s Egg blue. The effect is charming.

Here we see a pairing of the timeless Tolix style chair in white paired with a rustic table and bench.

mixing chairs

The Balance is perfect. The Tolix chairs keep the whole thing from looking like a high end picnic bench which it might were it to have a bench on both sides. The wooden bench on the one side opens up additional seating for unexpected guests and lends the table and upscale natural feel.

Pairing these reproduction Bertoia Wire side chairs with a settee can add an unusual flair to a design space without looking like you are trying too hard.

Chairs like the tolix chair or an eames eiffel chair are easy to mix timeless classics

tolix arm chair white

Here we see a gorgeous , modern desk arrangement that pairs an Xavier Pauchard Tolix style armchair in whitewith a Tolix style armless chair in the natural galvanised steel finish. This composition is spot on. The chairs match with the various materials of the table, both the white legs and the polished metal top. Also, how wise to put the armed Tolix at the larger expanse of desk and place the slimmed down Tolix on the narrower end. The Tolix style chair are one of the most versatile pieces you will ever come across. Everything from the perfect mesh of rustic and modern to the space’s scale to the accessories makes this look incredibly pleasing.

Some Things Can Be Different But Some Things Must Be the Same.

Choose chairs  that are similar in height or shape.  A table in a simple style can help blend the different designs, but chairs with too varied of heights tend to look awkward. If you want to start safe just mix different colours in the same style chair. Here we see how the reproduction Eames Style DSW chairs in different colours add a happy, funky look but the simple white table and uniform size chairs add the symmetry. The mixed chairs also add an informality that juxtaposes nicely with the large formal room.

mixing chairs in great

April 12, 2012