Guide 101: How to Select Ideal Dining Chair

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If you plan to use your dining room to entertain or simply to enjoy family meals, having the right dining room chairs is essential. Dining chairs should be selected for the look, comfort level and fit with the dining table. Here is a brief guide to selecting dining room chairs for your table.

Measure Your Dining Table

The first thing to consider when selecting dining chairs is the size. You should start by taking measurements of the dining table in order to get a rough idea of the height of the chairs that will be required and approximately how many chairs can comfortably fit around the table. Once you have these measurements, you should divide the table measurement by the number of chairs that are required. Typically, guests should be allowed between 60 cm to 80 cm of space. You must also make sure that there is adequate space between the wall and the chair by allocating roughly 90 cm of distance. 

Dining Chair Styles

There are many different styles of dining chairs available from Relax House that are designed to match your room\'s décor. Here are some of the chair styles that we offer:

Plastic Dining Chairs - Plastic dining chairs are excellent for homes with small children because they make it easy to clean up spills and messes. If you have small children, it is generally recommended to avoid dining chairs with fabric cushions if you don\'t want them to become stained. Plastic dining chair options from Relax House include the Ara Chair Solid Ash Frame - Black Upholstered Padded Seat and Hal Chair Premium Replica Jasper Morrison - Blue Seat / Natural, Walnut & Espresso Leg Options.

Scandinavian Dining Chairs - Scandinavian dining chairs are quite popular for the modern style that they offer. Our dining chair options include the Campo Scandinavian Timber Dining Chair - Natural American Ash - White and Campo Scandinavian Timber Dining Chair - Natural American Ash Black The simple design of these chairs feature sturdy construction with expert construction and style. 

Funky Dining Chairs - Our selection of funky dining chairs can appeal to your needs to create daring décor and contemporary style in your home. These chair options include bold colours and include the KAS - Modern Wire Dining Chair - Black Replica Bend Chair, Frankie - Modern Wire Dining Chair - Black, and Replica Caprice Chair By Marcello Ziliani - White. Although they offer interesting designs, these chairs are still designed with comfort and solid construction in mind.

We also offer stackable chair options to make storage easier when the chairs are not in use.

Dining Chair Materials

The right material for your dining chair set will depend on both aesthetics and comfort. If you want to ensure the most comfort, consider dining chairs that feature fabric or leather cushions. In addition, dining chairs that feature metal or wooden frames are available in a variety of finishes and colours that will allow you to obtain both modern or classic looks for your dining room.

Not every dining chair is designed to be used in both formal and informal dining environments. As a result, if you plan to use your dining room primarily for special occasions, consider formal seating. Whereas, if you plan to use the dining room for regular family meals, informal dining chairs would be the best option.

Dining Chair Arms

Dining chairs with arms should be carefully selected to ensure that there is adequate space for the arms to fit under the table. If the arms of the dining table strike the tabletop, then the dining chairs may have to be placed an uncomfortable distance away from the able. However, there are also many dining chairs that do not feature arms and it is purely up to your preference as to whether your dining chairs feature arms or are armless.

Relax House is the leading supplier of designer dining chairs Melbourne. Check out our selection of dining chairs online or call Relax House at 1-300-­307-­164. Our experienced team of furniture specialists can help you to select the right dining chairs for your home.

November 24, 2015