Designer Mirrors for Wall Decoration

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You can hardly imagine a room in your home that is complete in its design without the additional of a mirror. A mirror is perfect for any room of your home and can serve many purposes in your home. A mirror's main use in interior design is for its ability to manipulate space. Mirrors can help you to think differently about the size and shape of a room. In addition, mirrors are widely used a decorative object to add to the rooms interior design.

These days, modern interior designers commonly incorporate mirrors and never miss out on the opportunity to include mirrors as a way to offer a unique perspective on the design of the space. If you are wondering how to incorporate mirrors into your space, here are some unique tips that will allow you to experiment with mirrors in your home.

Focal Point for Your Space

A mirror can offer a focal point for a room in a similar fashion to a work of art or stylish glassware. Place the mirror on a wall in a space so that it can be seen from almost any seating position the room. The mirror does not necessarily have to be a large mirror. You can create a striking effect even with a small mirror if you choose one that has a bold frame.

Mirrors for the Foyer

Using a mirror in the foyer of your home can be used to add additional natural light to an area of the home that is commonly deprived of natural light. When you add the mirror, you should also include a bench, table or other decorative furniture piece to complete the look of an exclusive space of your home.

Mirror in the Bedroom

A mirror is the perfect accessory to complete a dressing table for both functional and decorative reasons. With a mirror over your dressing table, you will be able to have a quick look in the mirror while you are trying different clothing options in the morning before work. Additionally, you can also enjoy the refreshing appeal that a mirror can add as it reflects the natural light from your bedroom windows.

Decorative and Practical Mirrors for the Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, selecting the perfect one is essential for both functionality and aesthetics. There are a few key factors to consider when buying a bathroom mirror. Firstly, size is crucial. Measure the space available in your bathroom and choose a mirror that fits proportionally. It should be large enough to provide a clear reflection but not overpower the space. Additionally, consider the shape of the mirror. Round or oval mirrors can soften the overall look, while rectangular or square mirrors offer a more modern and sleeker feel. Another important aspect is the frame.

Opt for a frame that complements the style of your bathroom, whether it be a minimalist design or a more ornate and decorative frame. Lastly, consider the lighting in your bathroom. If possible, choose a mirror with built-in lighting or one that can be easily paired with vanity lights to ensure proper illumination for tasks such as applying makeup or shaving. By taking these factors into account, you can select the perfect bathroom mirror that enhances both the functionality and design of your space.


Use Mirrors as Decorative Windows

If your space lacks windows, you can use mirrors as decorative windows to make the space seem larger and offer additional views from the reflecting walls.

Wall Decoration

Designer mirrors are the perfect option for wall decorations for your home. As a wall decoration, a mirror can be used to create a romantic atmosphere. In addition, you can use a decorative wall mirror to create exciting outdoor views of your home indoors by placing the mirror on a wall opposite of the windows or doors that lead to the patio or yard.

Choosing a Designer Mirror

The frame for the mirror is just as important as the mirror itself. The best way to call attention to a mirror is by using a flashy frame. Using specific designs can help to freshen up your interior design or soften it as appropriate. You can make a gorgeous addition to your home by incorporating a designer wall mirror.

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February 11, 2016