Coffee Tables Ideas to Add a Finishing Touch to your Living Area

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Coffee table styles have evolved in order to serve the dual purposes of dining and décor. With a modern coffee table you can find the right table for your space without having to compromise on quality. Here are some coffee table ideas to add a finishing touch to your living area.

Glass Top Coffee Table

A glass top coffee table can add a sleek, modern appeal to your space and is often available in unique shapes.  These tables look fairly different from most traditional coffee tables and are excellent if your goal is a minimalist feel for your room. Options, such as the Replica Noguchi Coffee Table - Honey Stained American Ash, feature intricate curves with a solid material for the base. A glass top coffee table can provide harmony and style in addition to its conventional function as a table.

Nested Tables

Using nested tables for a coffee table can offer an interesting perspective in your room by playing with height. The Urban Step Side Table comes in a set of three and offers three bold colours to attract attention and add positive energy in the room. In addition, to using the tables together, you may also opt to use only one or two of the tables as the coffee table and use the final table as a side accent table.

Natural Elements

Natural elements are the best options for a coffee table by adding tranquility and a refreshing mood to the room. Opt for green plants or flowers in a decorative pot or vase. You can also place the plants amount other options on the table including books and candles to create a full display for your coffee table.

Mid Century Modern Coffee Tables

The Replica Eames Round Coffee Table Plywood CTW is a great option for classic decor because it features a contoured top and curved arch legs. This iconic coffee table pairs well with a mid century modern sofa or Eames replica chairs for a casual, yet comfortable living area.

Dual Functionality Coffee Tables

The Copenhagen Solid Oak Rectangle Coffee Table is a standard height coffee table that is perfect for entertaining guests. With plenty of surface area, this coffee table pairs perfectly with any modern decor, as well as, a sofa or armchairs. When you are not entertaining, the Copenhagen coffee table doubles as a space for temporary storage for TV accessories, your favourite books and even a decorative glassware centrepiece.

Round or Rectangular Coffee Table

Choosing the right shape for your coffee table will depend on the site of your room. Consider whether your room is large or if it is small and narrow. For a large room, you may want to have a rectangular table that can appear to take up more space. However, rectangular coffee tables can have sharp corners that are not ideal for homes that have children or pets. For smaller spaces, opt for a round coffee table that will make it easier to navigate the room.

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February 11, 2016