Beautiful floor lamps for beautiful homes

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Amazing Floor Lamps To Illuminate Your Home Decor

Floor Lamps

The lighting in any room plays an important rule in determining the overall ambience of the room. A poorly lit room will not look appealing even if it is adorned with the best pieces of furniture. Floor lamps are one of the best possible means to brighten up any room. The light from a floor lamp can illuminate even the nooks and corners of a living space. These can complement the light from the other sources of light in the room like pendant lights, ceiling lamps or table lamps. These lamps also give you the option to change the feel of the room when used in combination with other  lights to set the right mood.

Unlike the table lamp which needs a side table or stand when you invest in a good floor lamp you need not have to look around for another piece of furniture to support it.  The other advantage of using a floor lamp is that as it is portable so you can move it to different rooms if the need arises. These lamps also are preferred because of the ease with which they can be used, they just have to be plugged in and do not need elaborate installation.

 These lamps come in different sizes and shapes and can be used for ambient lighting or task lighting. You have the option to pick the torchiere lights if you want the light to fall upwards or go with the shade lighting if you want the light to be directed towards the floor.  Usually the torchiere lamps have a shade that is shaped like a bowl and directs the light towards the ceiling. The light from the source then bounces off the ceiling and lights up the room. These are suitable for ambient lighting.  A tree lamp is ideal if you want the flexibility of changing the direction of the light. Multiple light sockets which are adjustable are connected to the central pole in a tree floor lamp. An arch lamp that is primarily used to focus the light over a couch or a study table is a very popular option that is used very often in modern interiors. Arch floor lamps have a bent pole so it can provide lighting for a space that is below it. Some floor lamps have one central light along with one or more branches that are flexible so you can change the direction of the light too. Then there are the console lamps which are the classic floor lamps that have a single straight lamp pole with a shaded lamp on the top.  The contemporary floor lamps are coming with accessories like a book stand or a tray attached to them so that they provide better functionality that the traditional models.

There are floor lamps that look like pieces of art and can add a touch of elegance to any room. These lamps are mostly for the aesthetics than to actually illuminating the room.

There are some models of floor lamps that have a provision where you can adjust the height of the lamp too.  The height of the lamp should not be too high if it is meant for reading but if the lamp is being used to brighten up the whole room then it has to be high so that the light gets distributed all over the room. There are floor lamps where you can adjust the levels of illumination with the use of a button. These fixtures will need three way bulbs but will allow you to adjust the level of brightness as per your mood.

 There are a couple of things that have to be considered before buying a floor lamp.  The kind of lighting that you are looking for whether it is task lighting or ambient lighting has to be decided before buying the light. The cost of the floor lamp can vary from cheap to very expensive based on the material used so mentally come prepared with the amount of money that you are willing to spend on it to make the buying process simple.

The base of the lamp is designed in such a manner that it provides the necessary support for the lamp and the shade. Lamps that have a sturdy and wide base tend to be stable. If the lamp shade is heavy like in the case of Tiffany lamp shades which are made of ornate glass then the base should provide adequate support to prevent the light from tipping over.  The base of the floors lamps are made in a variety of material like wood, rattan, bronze, steel and other metals.

You have a great selection of trendy to more heavily decorated lamp shades to choose from in the stores. The thickness and the material of the lamp shade decide the amount of light that is emitted from the lamp. Shades are available in different shapes. You can pick a drum shaped shade or a boxy shade to break the monotony of the routine shapes. When you are picking a fabric shade it is better to go with a white paper shade if you want the room to be illuminated with bright light. You can be creative and keep changing the look of a room just by changing the lamp shades. These lamps are perfect when they are placed in corners where there is less foot fall as there are chances that you may trip on the wire that you need to connect the lamp to the outlet.

Give a facelift to your living room by picking a floor lamp of your choice and create a warm and welcoming environment where you can spend quality time with your family and friends. This easy to add lighting solution can brighten up your life without breaking your bank.

January 08, 2015