7 Home Décor Ideas for Christmas

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Decorating a home for the holidays is a tradition that many people look forward to each year. However, using traditional Christmas themes in a modern home can seem a bit outdated. These days, incorporating holiday elements into your home with a modern twist has given rise to new options for holiday décor. Here are seven unique modern holiday décorating ideas to help you create a warm and inviting home for the holidays.

Add Metallic Finishes

Metals, such as silver and gold, have always been associated with the holiday season. If you want to add warmth and richness to your home, consider incorporating some shiny finishes into your home’s décor. While you don\'t have to actually invest in the real gold and silver, consider adding elements to your home in these colours. You may also opt to pair these items with other metals, such as brass or copper, to create a similar effect.

Winter White

Adding white to your holiday décor can help to create a serene ambience in your home. A white Christmas tree, ornaments and other holiday items will make your home look simply stunning. White can make your home look more formal, especially if it is used in the rooms in which you plan to entertain guests over the holiday season. Another way to incorporate white into your décor is to use glassware with frosted finishes, white candles or other tabletop elements to increase the amount of white in the room.

Bird Feathers

Bird feathers in blue or white can add an interesting twist to décor that is reminiscent of winter in colder climates. You can incorporate bird feathers into your décor by using them in ornaments or wreaths. Owl and peacock feathers are some of the best options for creating this soft, stylish look. 

Add Tradition With Homewares

Using ornately décorated homewares, such as the Venetian Entrance Wall Mirror, can add traditional style to your home. The right modern homewares when used alongside a Christmas decoration will add elegance to your holiday décor. These wall mirrors feature beautifully designed finishes and are available in black, pale blue and white to help create a traditional look in your home. These homewares also make the perfect home décor gifts for your friends and loved ones.

Organic Modern Lighting

Lighting has always been a critical part of décorating for the holidays. However, instead of relying on LED string lights to illuminate your room, opt for pendant lamps. Pendant lamps come in a variety of textures and shapes and can help to illuminate specific elements of the room while also adding a visual focal point. Options such as the Sphere Earth Concrete Pendant and Confucius Earth Concrete Pendant can add gorgeous natural textures to the room while also creating a warm glow that will bring a calming effect to the space.

Succulent Plants

Succulent plants come in a variety of colours and sizes and are a welcome change from the traditional Christmas plants. Succulent plants are versatile and can be used in many different ways including everything from modern wreaths, as table centrepieces or for décorating the Christmas trees. Since they do not need to be watered very often, they will last well into the season and you can enjoy them once the holidays are over as well.

Holiday Dining

The dining room is a critical element of décorating your home for the holidays. To create an attractive display, select a colour theme and then use some of these ideas in your table display. To create a formal dining setting, add gold, silver or other shiny metallic finishes, and complete the look with white tablecloths and chairs. Alternatively, you may opt to use black and white in your dining room to add more neutral tones for a modern look.

Finding the right lighting and decoration ideas for your home can help you to make your contemporary home more festive. There really isn’t a right way or a wrong way to décorate a modern home for the holidays. With Relax House, you can find unique home décor that will make your home stand out this holiday season!

December 21, 2015