3 Unique Ottoman Designs for Your Home

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The use of an ottoman for the home is not a new concept. However, with so many new design options available, it can be difficult to figure exactly how to use each furniture option in your home. At Relax House, we offer several unique ottomans to complete the look of your home. Here are 3 of our unique ottoman designs and how you can use them for your home. 

Urban Square Ottoman

The Urban Square Ottoman - Purple is a whimsical option for a footrest that provides extra comfort thanks to the soft upholstery. With this design, the ottoman can be paired with an armchair, In addition, the bright colours make this ottoman kid-friendly, which means that it could be used in a playroom, child's bedroom or other space. Most people love to stretch out when sitting. If you prefer to use this ottoman as a foot rest, it works well with a standard arm chair to help you reduce stress on your heart by allowing the blood to flow more freely to your legs.

Urban Round Ottoman

The Urban Round Ottoman - Purple works well as additional seating. A round ottoman is the perfect option for a seat and with the upholstered exterior, additional comfort is already build into the design. When you entertain, you can bring out this ottoman as an additional seat. However, when not in use, it can be easily stored under a table or pulled out as needed.

You can also use this item as an exciting accent piece thanks to the bright colours. These colours will sharply contrast with a monochrome colour scheme. Alternatively, they just might blend right in if you are already using bold colours in your space. However, if you plan to use it as an accent piece, it should remain free from clutter and avoid making it into a table. Consider placing the ottoman in a position that is off-centre so that it will be immediately noticeable when others enter the space. 

Urban Sphere Wire Side Table/Stool - Large

The Urban Sphere Wire Side Table/Stool - Large - White offers an interesting design that can be used as both a table or a stool. As a stool, this ottoman can be paired with a throw cushion to create a unique design that is both comfortable and stylish. Choose a throw cushion with a pattern to contrast with the wire frame. In addition, you can also match the colour of the ottoman and throw cushion to your existing room décor.

This ottoman can also be used a side table or coffee stable if you add a piece of plastic or wood to the top to keep condensation from cold drinks and spills from leaking through. While it won’t hold a lot of items, you can use it to offer an option that is both stylish and different from what you might normally see for a coffee table.

Flexible Furniture

The beauty of using an ottoman to outfit your home is that any of these designs could be used to provide a side table, for use a footrest or to fill your needs for additional seating. With so many options, it is completely up to you which purpose it will serve in your home. If your needs change, you can easily change how you use the ottoman without having to buy a new piece of furniture entirely. If flexibility and functionality are important to you in your home furniture, adding an ottoman to the list of furniture that you need to buy is simply a no-brainer!

Ottomans are the perfect accessory to add contemporary style to your home. Whether you prefer to use them as additional seating or tables for decorative items, Relax House offers high quality ottoman designs to meet your needs. If you need assistance, contact Relax House on 1300 307­ 164 and allow one of our friendly furniture specialists to help you with your furniture needs.

March 09, 2016