3 Parameters For Selecting The Right Bar Stool - Size, Finish And Style

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Bar Stools

By picking bar stools of the right size and style you can add a bit of comfort to your kitchen along with making a design statement in your home. The traditional dining room is losing its popularity to kitchen islands that makes breakfast time more cozy and informal. The multitude of bar stools that are available in different sizes and styles can actually make the task of choosing the right one for your breakfast counter or your mini bar pretty overwhelming. The wide range of bar stools designed in wood, metal, fabric or leather gives you the option to pick the best barstool that can blend with the rest of the décor of your house.

Though the traditional bar stools are made with wood and are armless and backless the latest trends include stools with a partial or full back support and you can decide whether you want to buy one with or without arms based on your personal preference. If you plan on spending more time relaxing near the kitchen island or at the home pub then bar stools with back support and arm rest can maximize the comfort level for you.

The height of the bar stool is another important parameter that has to be taken into consideration before buying one. Based on the height of the counter or the table where the bar stool is used the height of the bar stool varies. Typically bar stool height of 45.72 cm suits a counter of 76 cm height and these are mostly used in bathrooms near the vanity set. Kitchen counters are usually at the same height as standard dining tables and will vary from 91 cm to 99 cm and for these counters the height of the bar stool should be between 60.96 cm to 65.96 cm. In home bar and game room counters are higher and usually are 101 cm to 110 cm in height. For these counters you will need bar stools of 76 cm.

You may want to buy bar stools of different heights for the same breakfast bar if you have children who may need a higher bar stool to be able to reach the counter. There are bar stools where you have the flexibility to adjust the height of the stool to best meet your requirements.

The Swivel bar stools are a popular pick especially as users can turn and move with ease without actually moving the stools from their place. You have ample variety to choose from like the high back, low back and backless swivel stools. Adjustable height swivel stools are perfect to sit near counters of any height and the user can adjust the height to suit his comfort level.  You can adjust the height either by using the lever under the seat or there are models where the height can be adjusted by turning the stool 360 degrees repeatedly until you reach the height of your choice. The memory swivel stools swivel but they turn back to their front facing position. If you hate to see the stools facing in different directions  then you can opt for this model.

The number of stools that you want to fit in near the counter or bar is one more factor based on which you have to decide the model and size of the stool. If multiple bulky bar stools are placed near the kitchen island in a narrow kitchen then it is sure to make the room look cluttered. Backless and armless stools of sleek finish can fit in a small kitchen without taking up too much space. In narrow spaces it is ideal to choose stools that can nicely fit under the overhang of the kitchen island.

 The stools have to be placed in such a manner that the guests can move about without bumping into each other.  If the stools are packed up too close to each other eating and drinking at the bar counter will surely result in spilling the drink of the person sitting next to you. The spacing of the stools should be decided based on the measurements of the widest part of the armless stool. If the widest part of the stool is 40 cm to 45.72 cm then leave 53 cm to 56 cm for each stool. If you are choosing stools where the widest part is 48 cm to 56 cm then allow 60.96 cm to 63.5 cm for each stool. In case you want to use swivel stools or stools with arms then the spacing has to be even more. The size of the stools has to be in proper proportion to the size of the island or counter to appeal to your sense of beauty.

Cushioned stools are hot picks for places where you tend to sit for longer periods of time. Bar stools with cushions can make your breakfast bar a comfortable place to spend quality time with your loved ones. The brilliant colored fabrics that can be used on the cushions and eye catching tropical patterns can brighten up even an old kitchen. It is better to use materials that are easy to clean in places where food and drinks are served.

Metal stools may not burden your pocket much when compared to bar stools made of other materials. You can pick wooden bar stools either with or without paint to bring in the fresh look to your breakfast counter. Bar stools or chairs made of a combination of wood and steel can be show stoppers.  Leather finish bar stools are timeless favorites. Bar stools made of other natural materials like rattan or wicker can also give a facelift to any room. Chrome chairs with curvy edges can add a welcoming touch to your kitchen. Wooden stools with upholstered seats can add class and elegance to your home. You can also choose some modern bar stools that are made of plastic.

Irrespective of the type of bar stool you pick they are great pieces of furniture that combine comfort and style to add piazza to your living spaces.


January 07, 2015