Tolix Table Replica Marais Galvanised Indoor / Outdoor Table by Xavier Pauchard - Teak Wood

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Designer Image Designer Xavier Pauchard (Burgandy 1880-1948)

What a fantastic way to bring some of the charm of 1930’s France into your space. The Replica Tolix Marais Galvanised Varnished Teak wood Table by Xavier Pauchard has been lending savor faire to dining spots from bistros to backyards for nearly 80 years. Now the enchanting form of this designer tables are experiencing another renaissance in bars & restaurants and the home spanning the globe.

Since it was first manufactured in 1934, the  The Replica Tolix Marais Galvanised Varnished Teak wooden Table by Xavier Pauchard has been a popular piece.  That is hardly surprising given the tables avant garde form. Our Relax House replica Tolix timber table is likewise a real stand out and it is easy to see why.

Not all replicas are created equal. Our designer replica Tolix Marais Galvanised Varnished Teak wood Table by Xavier Pauchard, seen here in natural galvanized steel, is manufactured the same way, from the same materials as the original. Unlike other replicas, the Relax House Tolix reproduction table utilizes a premium grade, thicker steel frame that gives you a stronger, more well made table. At Relax House, we source the most well constructed reproduction pieces. When you buy from us you can rest assured, we’ve done all the homework for you.

This Replica Tolix Marais Galvanised Varnished Teak wooden Table by Xavier Pauchard has an instantly recognizable form and an adaptable style that makes it as fitting for a French farm house or a sleek and chic modern sushi bar. Xavier Pauchard created this iconic metal furniture line, made of buckled sheet metal, in 1934 for Tolix. French brewers gave these tables to bars in the 1930s in exchange for selling their beer so this stool’s pleasing form was a common sight in the bars and brasseries around France.

Pauchard’s iconic chairs and stools today conjure images of French country homes and sidewalk cafes, for bars, bistros, schools and hospitals the Tolix was also a staple piece.  Think for a moment about a Parisian café in the 1930s: F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald nibbling a baguette with their coffee, waiting for Salvador Dali and Picasso to join them, while sitting at a Xavier Pauchard table just like this one.

Francophile’s can now bring that same Parisian French charm into their home at a fraction of the price of an original. The Relax House replica Tolix table is made from galvanized steel and solid teak table top, a definite plus if you have a busy brasserie or restaurant.  The Pauchard Tolix table has secured its place as an integral part of design history. Now the Relax House modern furniture store offers admirers of this formidable piece the chance to bring it into their own design space at a price that is as democratic as the table itself. Our Tolix table reproduction is available in this austere galvanized steel. Please see our complete line of Tolix replica furniture for other colours.

Whether you live near Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin or the country, most furniture is delivered within a few days. Visit our showroom or browse our online furniture catalog for our complete selection of tolix furniture. At Relax House, we have one of the most extensive collection of Xavier Pauchard Tolix replicas s that you can find exactly what you need well within your price range.

We have Tolix replicas in Teak like the table shown here. We have Tolix style stools in even colour imaginable. We love Tolix style pieces and they continue to be customer favorites for good reason. This range is so malleable, so classic, so style forward even today, that they simply never go out of style. How many things built today actually get better looking with age?

Check out our entire range of Tolix replicas to find the one that is just right for you and let us make you Relax House furniture converts like so many of our other customers.

  • Table height: 74cm
  • Width 80x80cm
  • Colour: Galvanized
  • Table Top Material: Teak
  • Leg Material: Galvanized
  • Assembly: Some basic assembly required