Tolix Stool Premium Replica 45cm 3.5Kg 1.2MM Commercial Grade Xavier Pauchard - Red

Not Available (discontinued)
$ 49
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Pair this blazing, fire engine red stool with a rustic wood slab table set with Speckleware. Or sit these stools under a sleek, smooth, black laminate counter.  Line up a bunch of these red hot stools at your café’s counter for single lunchtime or dinner seating. Cool enough to be retro, simple enough to be rustic, classically constructed enough to be timeless, these stools will be a unique and often commented part of your kitchen, café or restaurant.

The Xavier Pauchard Tolix line was first manufactured in 1934 and has had a strong following from day one. But designer pieces almost always come with designer price tags. Our Relax House replica, priced a bit more down to earth, has become a favourite among our customers too.

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  • Height: 45cm
  • Seat width 30cm
  • Colour: Red
  • Material: Power coated steel
  • Stackable: Yes, up to 8 high
  • Assembly: None

Relax House received a 4.9 Star rating by Google Reviews. 2015