Tolix Stool Premium Replica 75cm 5kg 1.2MM Commercial Grade Xavier Pauchard - White

Expected dispatch on 19/04/2014
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Designer Image Designer Xavier Pauchard (Burgandy 1880-1948)

For the old school French furniture lovers among you, we offer our range of Tolix inspired replica furniture. The Relax House replica of the classic Tolix stool is constructed from the same materials and in the same ways as the original. Shown here in white, our replica Tolix stool (75cm) brings a French design as ubiquitous as a beret or baguette, to use as you are inspired to.

Page through any interior design magazine and you are likely to find a Tolix stool or chair somewhere in the furniture landscape. It’s possible you will see a trio of clean, white stools sidled up to a stainless steel counter in the modern, minimalist bar of the posh Establishment hotel. Or maybe you’ll spot the bare, galvanized steel Tolix arm chair behind that famous film director’s office desk. Or you notice the array of unusual multicolour short stools peppering the up and coming artist’s studio.

It’s almost inconceivable that you could look very far without seeing at least one Tolix somewhere because the Xavier Pauchard Tolix line of stools and chairs has been a staple of the design community for not quite 80 years. The Tolix line was, and continues to be, one of the most intriguing, malleable designs. While its popularity has ebbed and flowed, the Tolix line has always had a strong presence in modern interior design.

A designer stool like the Tolix also sports a designer price tag. At last this iconic stool is available in a high quality reproduction that uses the same materials and manufacturing techniques as the original. Our Relax House replica, priced a bit more down to earth, offers customers the same high end look for less. The Relax House Tolix replica (75cm) is shown here in white.