Tolix Stool Replica 75cm 5kg Premium Commercial Grade Xavier Pauchard - Light Blue

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Designer Image Designer Xavier Pauchard (Burgandy 1880-1948)

The Xavier Pauchard Tolix stool has been lending its special brand of savoir faire to kitchens and cafes for almost 80 years. This celebrated stool is finally available in a high quality reproduction that uses the same manufacturing techniques as the original. The Relax House Tolix replica (75cm) is displayed here in blue.

Flip through the pages of any interior design magazine and you are likely to find a Tolix stool or chair somewhere in the furniture landscape. Perhaps you will spy a trio of cerulean blue stools sidled up to the kitchen counter of a posh Mediterranean vacation home. Or maybe you’ll spot the bare, galvanized steel Tolix arm chair behind that famous film director’s office desk.  Or you will notice the array of unusual multicolour short stools peppering the up and coming artist’s studio.

The reason it’s all but impossible to look very far without seeing at least one Tolix somewhere is that the Xavier Pauchard Tolix line of stools and chairs has been a staple of the design community for nearly 80 years. This designer stool continues to be among the most interesting looking, malleable designs. While its popularity has ebbed and flowed, the Tolix line has always had a strong presence in modern interior design.

At last this iconic stool is available in a high quality reproduction that uses the same manufacturing techniques as the original. The Relax House Tolix replica (75cm) is displayed here in a cerulean blue. The Relax House Tolix replica adds a certain je ne se quoi to your design space. Outfitting your space with replica furniture can be an affordable way to get the designer look but don’t make the mistake of thinking all replicas are alike. Our designer replica Tolix stool, seen here in blue hard wearing steel, is manufactured the same way, from the same materials as the original. Unlike other shoddy replicas, the Relax House Tolix reproduction utilizes a premium grade, thicker steel frame that gives you a stronger, better constructed stool.

The Xavier Pauchard Tolix line was first manufactured in 1934 and has had a strong following from the beginning. But being a designer piece, it has carried a designer price tag. Our Relax House replica, priced a bit more down to earth, has become a favourite among our customers too. Our replica Tolix stool is manufactured from the same materials and in the same way, as its predecessor. This stool has an instantly recognizable form and a malleable style that makes it equally appropriate for a French patisserie or a sleek and chic modern café.

This particular stool sits at a height of 75cm making it suitable for most counters and bars. Our stool is easily stackable making it a good fit for the busy restaurant or tavern. A pleasing feature of this designer stool is that because of its form and material design, it will only get better looking as it develops the patina of wear and age. When you think of Pauchard’s iconic chairs and stools you think of French country homes and sidewalk cafes, smoky bars, bistros, and perhaps even the occasional brothel.  In the 1930s, French brewers gave these stools to bars in exchange for selling their beer.  So this stool’s pleasing form was as common a sight in the bars and brasseries around France as a beret or baguette.

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