Tolix Stool Premium Replica 75cm 5kg 1.2MM Commercial Grade Xavier Pauchard - Red ** (SET OF 4)

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Seen here in a blazing, fire engine red, our replica Tolix stool (75cm) brings a French design as ubiquitous as a beret or baguette, to use as you are inspired to. The Tolix line of stools and chairs have what the French call je ne sais quoi, an intangible quality that makes something distinctive or intriguing. Flip through any interior design magazine and you are likely to find a Tolix stool or chair somewhere in the furniture landscape. Perhaps you will see a trio of lemony, yellow stools sidled up to the multi coloured tiled kitchen counter of a posh Grecian Isles vacation home. Or maybe you’ll spot the bare, galvanized steel Tolix arm chair behind that famous film producer’s office desk.  Or you notice the array of unusual multicolour short stools peppering the up and coming artist’s studio.

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  • Height: 75cm
  • Seat width 30cm
  • Bottom legs width 43cm
  • Colour: Red
  • Material: Power coated steel
  • Stackable: Yes, up to 8 high
  • Assembly: None

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