Tolix Stool Premium Replica 75cm 5kg 1.2MM Commercial Grade Xavier Pauchard - Black

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Designer Image Designer Xavier Pauchard (Burgandy 1880-1948)

Our Relax House replica, pictured here in lustrous black, is a coveted piece among our customers and it is easy to see why. Our French Tolix replica (75cm) is also available in other colours and styles to suit your individual tastes.

Xavier Pauchard created this recognizable metal furniture line, constructed from sheet metal, in 1934 for Tolix. While today Pauchard’s iconic chairs and stools may conjure images of French farm houses and Parisian cafes, the Tolix was a staple piece for bars, bistros, schools and hospitals. French brewers often supplied these stools to bars in the 1930s in exchange for selling their beer so these stools were almost like a uniform in the bars and brasseries around France.

One of the beautiful things about this artfully constructed, sturdy stool will only get better looking as it takes on the natural patina and wear of age. The Tolix Stool has been experiencing a revival in bars and restaurants around the world. Although this stool has an instantly recognizable form, it has a sort of malleable, unconstrained style that makes it equally appropriate for a French bistro or a minimalist, modern urban restaurant or bar.

Our designer reproduction black Tolix stool is the black cashmere sweater of the furniture world, it simply goes with everything, pair it with pearls, leather motorcycle boots or peep toe pumps, it doesn’t care. Seen here in lustrous black, our replica Tolix stool, is manufactured in the same way and from the same materials as the original icon. It also stacks for space saving storage, a definite plus if you have a busy bar or restaurant.


  • Height: 75cm
  • Seat width 30cm
  • Bottom legs width 43cm
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Steel
  • Material: Galvonized steel
  • Stackable: Yes, up to 8 high
  • Assembly: None