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Types of Chairs

Types of Chairs

Chair is a small piece of furniture which comprises of four legs, backrest and some of them with armrests. The chairs which enable to sit one person, and now a days chair like sofa can hold more than one people.

Classifying Different Chairs

  1. Chairs generally have 4 legs, but modern versions have advanced designs with 3 legs, or even the backrest that extends to the ground. Many new designs and styles of chairs are coming out and the selection has become varied. The chairs can be classified based on the size, durability, artistic design, weight, stack ability and maintenance. Even they are matched according to the usage and requirement of the people.
  2. The chairs are used for different purposes like for relaxation, laid back, etc. Often chairs come in different designs and colors which is very useful while choosing it. Chairs that are seen in the office are estimated to be formal, inflexible and are often in earth colors. It is very difficult to enumerate the chairs as they are greatly varied.
  3. The chairs that are used for specific place and specific sport are very common as that is seen at homes. The hanging bubble chair which was designed in the year 1968 gives more comfort with removable cushion. The modern bubble chair is exciting as it has attached with special acoustic. The ball chair which is made up of fiber glass with polish coated steel base. You will find these kinds of the chair lifts are found in 2 basic designs. One is straight stair lift & other is curved chair lifts.
  4. The meditation shell is a 3 leaf chair which is placed at the middle of the living room. The latest would be sofa which is also known as couch, is one of the best and important chairs. These kinds of lifts are simple & straightforward to install and they are accessible in different kinds & designs as well as are made to fit practically style of stairway in house. Different options are available to meet the personal needs & desires.


Having these types of the chair lifts is not confined to use in your home only and, you might find them in a lot of office buildings, the public buildings as well as other places. They are much required creation for making that easier for anybody with the disability or else handicap to manuever up & down steps.