Replica Tolix Stools and Chairs Bring Style to Your Business and Home


When you’re looking for chic furniture style for your restaurant or café, look no further than replica Tolix stools and chairs from Relax House. Anyone who has visited the dining facilities in Melbourne understands the unique atmosphere these establishments exude. A replica Tolix stool or chair provides premium modern flair at a reasonable price.


The original Tolix stools are known for their simplicity and function as well as their modern style. Our replica selection features galvanised metal framework that reflects the original Tolix design without the expense. We carry stools with different coats, colors and options such as wood or cushioned seats. These stools are perfect in a casual dining atmosphere, or to line a counter in your kitchen at home.


The replica chair options from Tolix feature the same leg designs as their stools with a firm-yet-simple back for sitting comfort. We carry a wide range of colors and wood-topped options. The chairs are a perfect complement to the Tolix replica tables also available at Relax House.

Home or Business

Whether you’re looking for furniture for your home or business, our Tolix range of stools and chairs are suitable for any location. We carry classy options in muted colors for relaxed seating that is comfortable on the eyes. For a splash of individuality, we also carry Tolix replicas in a variety of colors, perfect for matching the color scheme of your home, office or café. Professional or casual, the Tolix style has it all. The greatest benefit is that you’re able to pay for sophisticated style without breaking your bank account. The replicas give you the same feel as the originals without the hefty price tag.

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For more information regarding out Tolix replica stools, chairs or any of our other replica furniture, give Relax House a call at 1.300.307.164. You can also come visit our store in Melbourne, where we have over 3000 square metres of products to browse through.


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