Relax House offers stackable chairs that are designed to benefit your home or commercial space by providing seating options without the extra space requirements. Our chairs comes in a variety of styles that are designed to match your interior or exterior décor for a look that is modern, yet stylish. With replica chair options available, you can bring the flair of mid-century design to your space for an affordable price.

Stackable Chairs for Your Home

Stackable chairs are the perfect way to save space in your home and to provide extra seating for your dining room or during the occasional intimate gathering. We offer stackable chairs that are made from a variety of materials including natural wood, metal and plastic. Many of our chairs have been designed to withstand outdoor conditions so that you can use them both indoors and outdoors. With so many designs to choose from, Relax House can provide you with stools or chairs for your kitchen, dining room or patio.


Stackable Plastic Chairs for Restaurants

Relax House offers a large selection of stackable chairs that are the perfect options for a restaurant or café. These stackable chairs are excellent for commercial use because they can help you to save space while also adding stylish and modern furniture to complete the look of your space. At Relax House, you will find a wide variety of stackable chairs that can be used both indoors and outdoors, such as the Replica Viento Stackable Injection Thermoplastic Café Chair or the Replica Kaos Stackable Injection Moulded Thermoplastic Chair. These chairs come in a variety of colour options and are made from fade and stain resistant polymer.

Meeting your budget for furniture is easier with Relax House. Review our stackable chairs selection online, or call Relax House on 1300 307­ 164. Our experienced team of experts can help you to select the right chairs for your needs at reasonable prices.

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